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pastel salmon
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    just had first feed,these will be screamers judging by the parents regards gaz
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    I love how the pastel salmons from my 2010 litter are looking , this is one i held back Kev
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    I took some photos of this girl tonight from my salmon jungle litter to put up for sale on my website and as she is looking very nice now i thought I would post the photos on here too Kev
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    This girl comes from my pastel salmon litter , she is poss het sharp too , she has some amazing colour already and will only get better £150 Kev
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    I have this stunning female pastel salmon jungle boa for sale , she is also a possible het sharp to boot , The father of this girl has made some of the best if not the best jungles in the UK and this girl will go on to make some more top class jungles , she is up for sale for £700 and i can do...
  6. Snake Pictures
    All these have been produce by me except the Fusion boa and the 2010 salmon jungle First pic is my female 2010 jungle holdback Male 2010 jungle holdback 2010 Pastel Fusion 2010 possible super salmon jungle 2010 pastel salmon 2010 odd looking anery 2011 pastel salmon...
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    Here are some updated photos of the two pastel salmons I kept back from a litter of 27 , the mother is a red pastel and the father (at the time ) a possible super dh ghost which as you can see by the litter photo he proved out to be a super The day they was born they already had tons of...
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    Here are some updated photos of the two jungles i held back from this years litter and one with a red pastel keeper for comparison Kev
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    Pastel Salmon Boa Male 2008. Beautiful light coloured pastel salmon with a small reversed striped tail. He is around 4ft and in great health, ready to breed with your females this season. He was bred by myself in 2008, from a Chris Gillam Salmon male to my Tangerine Pastel female ( high...
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    2010 boa morphs for sale all the below boas have been produced by me so feel free to ask about them Pastel salmons from £100 to £160 Anery boas from £250 to £280 Unrelated anery pairs from £480 Female 100% het anery and unrelated male anery £320 100% het sharp albinos £185 a pair Male...
1-10 of 10 Results