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    Due to relationship breakdown and moving back in with my parents.... For sale £100 ono, with 4 foot vivarium and full set up, 2010 (ish) male Bull snake X Patternless Pine snake, about 4 foot. For sale £100 ono, with the 4 foot vivarium (full set up) 2009 (ish) White sided albino male Bull...
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    patternless African rock python for sale male about 6 ft approx will need experienced owner defensive not used to be handled selling as got it as female, but it turned out to be male
  3. Snake Classifieds
    hi am looking for a female, patternless african rock python
  4. Snake Classifieds
    hi am looking for patternless African rock python
  5. Snake Classifieds
    Hi all, I have a patternless African Rock Python available. About 4.5ft long, fairly even tempered, hisses a bit (as they do) but never bitten. Sex unknown. I shall get pics up tonight when I'm back from work. £175 Collection from Chelmsford in Essex, or buyer to arrange a reptile courier...
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    We have one Male patternless crested gecko for sale. £35.00 Eating Repashy and cricket, shedding well and happy to be handled. Weighing 37.5grms
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    Adult pair of 100% Het Patternless - £250 2014 Patternless female - £200 2014 66% Het Patternless females - £30 each, 5 available Any questions don't hesitate to ask, open to offers and will do discount on multiples. Best Regards, Steve
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    Hi guys, I'm ready to sell my first AFT hatchling this season. She is 66% Possible Het Patternless. Feeding on Crickets daily, will also take Locust and Dubia Roaches. Weighing over 13g and functioning 100%. I'm located in Plymouth but can deliver locally for petrol costs. Looking for £70.
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    2 year Old Murphy's Patternless Female For Sale Tame Once Out The Viv Proven Breeder Very Inquisitive Does NOT Get Along With Other Females Eat/Pooing/Shedding Fine £50 Without Viv £65 With Everything Included Viv is 2ft x 18 x18 Anymore Details Just Message Me I Dont Drive So Pickup but...
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    So there I was at the Lodi reptile show with a friend and before the show started I checked out the corns that other sellers had. And at one table, was this cute little patternless critter that had garnet eyes with an overlay of a blue-ish sheen to the iris. I looked at him and asked "Hypo...
  11. Lizards
    Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody knows where I can get a Blizzard, Midnight Blizzard or Murphy Patternless leopard gecko, thanks. Also breeder reccomendedations for any morph, who is the best (Cheapest and Healthiest/Best Cared for)? Another question is it ok to courier a leo?
  12. Lizard Pictures
    Got most of these brought over from Hamm last year
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    I have decided to move on this pair. Female is around 9ft, lovely looking snake, generally friendly, little hissy but handles ok for short periods of time. Very good for a rock. Male is around 6-7ft, again relatively friendly, very vocal snake, but generally well behaved. Asking £500 the...
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    We have some Adult and Sub Adult Crested Geckos for sale. All feeding, shedding and defecating well All photos were taken during the day 1.0 Red Patternless 28g £80 1.0 Pinstripe Harlequin Dalmatian 34g £130 0.1 Olive Buckskin Flame 40g £80 0.1 Extreme Harlequin Dalmatian 52g £140 1.0 Green...
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    For Sale!! 2013 Line bred Ember females. £100 each Feeding well on gut loaded and dusted mealworms and growing fast! Courier can be arranged at buyers expense, please pm with postcode for a quote. Please check out our other posts and Facebook page for other geckos for sale. Link below...
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    10% Off All Leopard Geckos...... This Weekend Only at Scales & Fangs. Patternless Female - Was £40 / Now £36 Patternless Albino Female - Was £65 / Now £58.50 Enigma Female - Was £35 / Now £31.50 Tremper Albino Super Snow Male - Was £65 / Now £58.50 Tremper Albino Super Snow Female...
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    I have 4 female leos for sale, all are adult, eating well and are breeding weight. Any other details please contact me. 1) Halo - Mack Snow female £30 2) Crystal - Patternless Tremper £50 3) Tango - Urban Tangerine 66% het Marble eye £90 4) Belle - Aptor £60 Also have SHTCTB and Banded...
  18. Lizards
    Can someone please tell me the difference between these two as they look exactly the same to me?
  19. Lizard Pictures
    Here at Gecko Central we've had a some what late but good start to the 2013 hatchlings. So far we've had 4 babies hatch just last week which you will find below :2thumb: This is an odd ball at the moment supposed mack eclipse, parents were Blizzard x Patternless het Blizzard het Tremper so...
1-20 of 62 Results