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  1. Shop Classifieds
    We have loads of new products added to the website recently also a few new features. A new menu bar to find what you are looking for quicker. More importantly a new Payment Method, a first in the UK pet Market. You can now check out with UKash, to find out...
  2. Exotic Mammals
    I have just had a "scammer" try to get money out of me. This was a classic scam and frankly I could see it from the first email, this was done via email, probably picked up off preloved but they will try from anywhere. I was not sure where best to post a warning but felt it best to warn any...
  3. Food Classifieds
    :welcome::welcome: Hi i am looking for a wax worm culture kit as my Reps love them to bits (as well as roaches) i have had a look at ricks live food but that just seems a bit pricey tbh... i am willing to pay, i will pay over payapal as soon as please!
  4. Snakes
    The sale of snakes is not protected by PayPal, ''The item violates the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. It's ineligible for PayPal Buyer Protection.'' There words
  5. Classified Chat
    I'm just in the process of trying to buy jeans of a seller on her but she wants me to pay via gift. Is this safe as the site rules state................... RFUK do not accept responsibility for any adverts or transactions on these forums. We will do our best to remove any known scammers and...
  6. Classified Chat
    Hi there, Just thought i'd name and shame as it seems like he has quite a few peoples' money. I purchased the 30gb iPod jj10125 was selling, and paid through Paypal. I requested and paid for next day special delivery. That was at least a month ago. I've sent numerous emails requesting the...
1-6 of 14 Results