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  1. Amphibian Classifieds
    frog collection for sale, matlock derbyshire Breeding group of phyllomedusa hypochondrialis- tiger leg monkey frogs CB 2.2.0 - German blood lines Ready to breed hylomantis lemur - lemur leaf frogs CB 0.2.0 (very rare female frogs) - German blood lines phyllomedusa tomopterna - super tiger leg...
  2. Amphibian Classifieds
    I have 5 peacock tree frogs for sale, which were all CB by a friend of mine. I'd given them to another friend about a year ago but have recently got them back because he hasn't been looking after them as well as he should. All eat and poop fine but they're a bit on the thin side. They can come...
  3. Amphibian Classifieds
    This is a lovely little frog very easy to keep. I am cutting down my collection due to work and family commitments and really want to see this lol one go to a good home, she eats and poops fine. Could maybe go in with another frog for company? The pic isn't great it's just to show the exo terra...
  4. Amphibians
    iv just spoke to a reptile shop iv knowen since i was little and they said that i could have peacock tree frogs with my lonely grey tree frog....just wanted to ask on here first whilst i research the breed as i kno this is the best place....i cant get a female grey anywhere atm, and iv been told...
  5. Amphibians
    Hi all, Can anyone help me on gaining some info on these little guys the big eyed tree frog. Can't seem to find that much about them. From what I have read I understand the Male calls sounds like a kitten is this right? Are they loud? What should their set up consist of temps etc and also can...
  6. Amphibian Classifieds
    Looking for 2 - 3 of these frogs. Preferably CB, will be willing to travel to pick some up for a decent price. If anyone has some or knows someone with some they could put in contact with me that would be great. Cheers
  7. Amphibians
    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting some of these amazing looking frogs at some point in the future and was wondering if any of you lovely people have any info on breedrs that I could get in contact with. Google doesn't really help :lol2: Cheers in advance! Nath
  8. Amphibians
    Right. I am unable to take video footage just yet. However I recorded it and there is a picture of one of my frogs with it. Please comment Frog call
1-8 of 8 Results