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    Hi guys, going to start selling complete heating and fixing kits. To start with, I am going to be supplying ceramic heat emitters. These are the brand "Pearlco". We use these bulbs in our store, and we have had some running for almost 3years, without blowing. Each basic kit includes; Brand...
  2. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the best place to buy Pearlco ceramic heat emitters from these days? They don't seem to be available on fleabay anymore :-/ Cheers!
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    I'm currently shopping for a 250w ceramic heater and I have found this on ebay, its half the price of the exo-terra ones and so I am a bit dubious... Thoughts? Should I just fork out and get an exo-terra or is this one just as good? Ceramic Heat Bulb as Pearlco 250W Vivarium Reptiles on eBay...
1-3 of 3 Results