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    Hi everyone got some E Trigonopodus pedeling for sale £5 each plus £7 RMSD there eating well and 1.5 inches in lenth.
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    We will be attending: Bugfest Saturday 18th of Febuary Bucklers Mead Sports Centre St Johns Road Yeovil Somerset BA21 4FE HALF PRICE ADMISSION FOR SPIDER SHOP CUSTOMERS Open to the public from 11.30am. New River Rust Rump (Aphonopelma sp. "New River") Sub Adult/Adult £35.95 Guyana Pink Toe...
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    We will be attending: ERAC Reptile Breeders Show 25th September 2011 Riverside Ice & Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1FG Open to the public from 10:30am Due in August: China/Hainen Island: Giant Scolopendra (5 species), Haplopelma and other large earth tigers...
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    s.hardwickei pedelings for sale, the very sexiest of the centipedes, hatched by myself. Ideally buyer collects, or will ship at buyers risk £6 recorded delivery
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    S.hardiwicki i have 2 left for sale approx 7/8" long £80 each free RMSD
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    group of 5 adult chinese red headed centipedes 'yellow leg' morph this is a communal of 5 adults they have produced eggs so must be males and females in there. all around 6 inchs and stunning specimens ideal for a starter centipede. selling as group £55. 4inch AF grammastola iheringi £22...
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    Hi I am looking to sell a few things Here goes: 2inch poecilotheria regalis £20 4inch Xenethis sp blue possible male £50 (if female thats a stunning bargain TSS had females smaller for £109) 4inch Grammastola iheringi £28 5 adult chinese Red Headed Centipedes*yellow legs*(communal) these...
1-7 of 7 Results