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    Not sure if their will be much call for it, but thought I'd create this anyway to advertise myself a bit. I'm an artist and sometimes sell my drawings and I also do commissions. I copy from images provided by the customer, or if they want something totally custom, I sometimes do that too...
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    Well I thought it was worth a shot posting these in here, if they don't sell I'm more than happy to keep them hanging on my bedroom wall. First up we have my glass of water drawing, this is on 12x12in Strathmore 300 Series vellum paper. Price: £65 posted. Next up is my light bulb drawing...
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    Basically i seem to be having a little difficulty find a job at the minute and im running a little low on pennies :P so i decided to have another go at getting in some 'commissions'. I've uploaded some examples of my work, an i know their not to everyone's standards but there's bound to be...
1-3 of 3 Results