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  1. Snakes
    Hi all, Have finally decided to make an account after lurking for so long! I saw a new pet shop advertised on Facebook and thought it looked pretty cool, became pretty disappointed when I saw they were selling Spider Royal Pythons. I know there is a big debate about this but hear me out.. I...
  2. Spiders and Inverts
    Hi All, I need to get a few bits and pieces for my pets but fancy making an afternoon of it? I keep scorpions and snakes. Any recommendations?
  3. Lizards
    Popped into my local pet shop for a nose, and theyve got a pair of sudanese uros for sale, i asked how old, he says about 2, The male was considerably larger than the female, does that mean that the female is way younger than him? also they are £150 for the pair, which seemed reasonable to...
  4. Introductions
    Hi everyone, my name is Seb, and I'm the new owner of Creature Company in Wimbledon. Since I took over and gained the proper licence, we know have a reptile section and we're selling snakes, lizards and tortoises as well as all the accessories and food they need. We'd love to have you visit us...
  5. Shelled Classifieds
    Creature company, petshop in wimbledon, selling a beautiful horsefield tortoise, about 10cm in lengh. very active, love running around. come and see her. accessories and food also available for sale in the shop. thanks
  6. General Herp Chat
    Gonna be going up to Edinburgh for few days, I don't want to start a this shop is evil thread - (anyway the only thing I'll be buying is food/bits but its nice to look at livestock) are there any reptile shops worth a visit up there? I been to Edinburgh zoo a few times are there any other...
  7. Lizards
    Apparently Petsmart in the US is offering $10 off a lizard if you bring a ticket stub from Rango PetSmart Tries to Cash in on Awful 'Rango' Pet Deal
  8. Lizards
    Was wandering around a reptile/aquatics shop in Poole, Dorset the other day and came across this. It's apparently a Tibetan Frog Eyed Gecko but looks nothing like the ones I could find using Google. Are they meant to look like this, or is it in really really bad shape? Looks so ill to me...
  9. Lizards
    Does anyone shop here? They listed a central Australian blue tongue skink on a classifieds, I emailed them a few questions and no reply as of yet (I am impatient maybe, it was Sunday)
  10. Lizards
    Ok so I went into my local pet shop is a large shopping centre last night with a friend (she was looking for cat accessories) and was mortified to find that this pet shop had started selling reptiles. (For all the years it has been there they have never sold reptiles before). They had...
  11. Lizards
    I thought I'd just say this as it struck me as odd and it's something I haven't heard before! I went into a fairly local pet shop today that sells a lot of reptiles, and me and my friend noticed that behind one of the enclosures was a Tokay's tail! We informed one of the staff members because we...
  12. Exotic Mammals
    hi, ive not posted much, but ive been lurking around for while. anyway, i was in my local petshop, and they have a gorrrrgeous albino chipmunk advertised for 70pounds. its cooped up in a hamster cage - very similar to this one except it dosent have any tubes or a wheel, in fact, the cage...
  13. Snakes
    Hi, Just a quick thread. There have been quite a few threads mentioning there bad experiences, with shops who know little about reptiles or who are giving innacurate infomation. Not naming any names. :whistling2: Anyway, I have seen many people have been replying "Report them to the RSPCA". Well...
  14. Shop Classifieds
    The Reptile Hotel new stock just arrived including frilled dragons blue panther chameleons little albino leopard geckos and much much more check the website for up to date stock levels and prices multiple purchases may be subject to discount ask for info
  15. Shop Classifieds
    The Reptile Hotel :welcome: just opened in August with a bright and clean shop well stocked with many reptiles snakes along with all the dry goods well worth the visit The Reptile Hotel 6 Fallow Road South Shields NE347AG
  16. Lizard Classifieds
    The Reptile Hotel 0191 454 7429 we have many of reptiles and snakes in stock we currently keep are stock levels of these on our website ( ) with prices we currently can ship any livestock ( excluding puppies and kittens ) for same day delivery in areas wear the...
  17. Snakes
    hi does anyone know of anywhere i can get my supplies of frozen mice from in derby,ive been getting them from the wharf which is good and not bad priced but i live just on the outskirts of derby city and the wharf is 20 miles away which is to far to just nip to get food,ive been to pet station...
1-17 of 20 Results