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  1. Lizard Classifieds
    'Jolene' has been with us here for about a year. She feeds readily on crickets and wax worms, and will happily accept them from tongs. She has a Formic Acid supplement that dusts her food once weekly. Currently brumating. Collection is from PE38 by appointment only. £200
  2. Lizard Pictures
    Some updated pic's of some Phrynosoma I keep. Phrynosoma goodie..Goode's Horned Lizard. Phrynosoma platyrhynos..Desert Horned Lizard. Phrynosoma modestum..Roundtail Horned Lizard. Phrynosoma asio..Giant Horned Lizard.
  3. Lizards
    If you are thinking of buying a horned lizard (specifically Phrynosoma platyrhinos) and are relying on some of the information found on this forum for their care you should be aware that some of it is quite simply nonsense! Absolutely the worst information you could believe is that a large part...
  4. Lizards
    I have just posted an update on my breeding groups of Horny Toads; Coast to Coast Exotics - Reptile Forums and on my blog; Captive care of Phrynosoma asio - Giant Horned toads Its quite exciting working with these species of lizards!
  5. Lizards
    Does any of you guys knows where i can find any of these? any links maybe? I've been looking for ages. No luck. Thanks for any help. -J
  6. Lizard Classifieds
    0.1 Phrynosoma platyrhinos (Desert Horned Lizard). LTC , Very well acclimatised. £30 Meet Yeovil / Reading / Winchester
1-6 of 7 Results