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picky eaters

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  1. Lizard Care Sheets
    Hello I have tree monitor that is about 1 year old . I’m getting frustrated that he only eats dirt yes u did Hearer that right. He’s supper picky he only eats crickets, egg and once while pinkies alive only not frozen I have try to feed him mix food and he does not accept it . From meal worms ...
  2. Lizards
    2 things really: 1) does anyone have any suggestions for enticing 5wkrs to east their veg? All Zeppo does is sleep in hers. And 2) My 7mnther Brian has gone off crickets in a major way. Up until now crickets have been his staple livefood with the odd wax worm and meal worm but now I cant get him...
1-2 of 2 Results