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  1. Snakes
    So I saw this on instagram and had to screen shot it to maybe find out more. What could it be? Has anyone seen one before? I'm going to look really silly now if it's just a photoshop pic :whistling2:
  2. Newbie Advice
    Is it possible to upload images from your iPhone onto this site ? If so how ? Cheers
  3. Off Topic Classifieds
    I'm offering to draw your pet using pencil or pen for only £5 I've been told before that i should charge more for these but right now, i'm not since i'd like the practice. I'll draw any animal you like and the finished picture will be posted out to the buyer. If you're interested, i'll need a...
  4. Snake Pictures
    Just thought I'd show off my new Lesser female who I'll be pairing with my Male Spider when she's at breeding weight. Orb :2thumb:
  5. Snakes
    You guys probably don't care but I'm chuffed to say the least. My new arrival, a CB14 Yellow anaconda appears to have relaxed enough to soak in his water bowl. (The picture is cloudy like that because I took the photo through the RUB lid as I don't wish to disturb him.) I know, I know. A...
  6. Off Topic Classifieds
    Hai, my name is Hero and i love drawing animals. Honestly i draw more fantasy art than realistic so my portraits may seem to be a little stylized but i have had good comments on them before. I was hoping to get a little more practice in and so i'm offering out two cheap £5 portraits to the...
  7. Snake Pictures
    Got this little guy two weeks ago, and he's settling in beautifully; feeding without hesitation and surprisingly nice to handle; no sign of hissing or striking yet, though I've seen his hood a few times when I startle him by coming into the room while he's having a wander. Sorry for the awful...
  8. Snakes
    Ive just become the very proud owner of a beautiful honduran milk snake . (we have named him fernando) he was a little difficult at first (due to the shop owners not liking him , picking him up by the tail tip and such) but he's settled into his viv now. he had great difficulty shedding for our...
  9. Snake Pictures
    Just took a picture of my boa to show a friend, so now i'll share it with all my other friends :D Not the best photography but this was taken at night with only lights.
  10. Lizard Pictures
    Well I really wanted to test my camera out and since the dragon was bugging me I thought I would take a picture of him, one handed as he was laying on my other arm.. The flash kept turning itself back on which is annoying plus if you notice any issues with him, he's a rescue I got a while ago...
  11. Snakes
    Finally, after much nagging from my partner, here is my new addition. He is called Chaos, he's a dwarf double het albino stripe, hatched in May. I owe my thanks to UK Exotics for not only creating such a beautiful snake but for keeping me updated on his progress throughout my wait to meet him...
  12. Lizard Pictures
    Title says it all really, picked this little beauty up from York yesterday, wonderful little gecko... on display all the time, doesn't seem to want to hide, caught her eating CGD 3 times so far :2thumb:. Settled in like an absolute champ.
  13. Snake Pictures
    just wanted to start a picture thread so people can show their milksnakes :2thumb: this is Nathier, a 10" eastern milk. show us yours : victory: jack
  14. Lizard Pictures
    Thought I'd snap a few of Rory while he was fired up. He's very orangey here... sometimes when he fires up he goes a very deep red, almost burgandy. And one of his lovely developed crests :D
  15. Lizard Pictures
    Just cleaned Miss Houdini's tank out so thought i'd share some pics:
1-16 of 113 Results