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    I have 5 black (one reserved) and 1 pink micro pigs.They make fab pets, and get along with all animals (as long as they are nice to them!)...easily house trained, live in or out, very loving, I own mum and dad, they are available for viewing, so you can see how big they will grow.I didn't breed...
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    Tiny piglets with brilliant temperaments. Parents under knee high, no pot belly or kunekune breeding.Intelligent and east to house train,or make great outside pets.Boys 50, girls 100 pounds
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    Two kune kune piglets left for sale. Alexander has been castrated and is a lovely little character. He loves being stroked and sits for his food. Has inherited his mums tassels and laid back approach to life. Amy is a little quieter than Alexander, she will also sit for her food and is just...
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    Two castrates left - Gorgeous ginger and black boys - ready for new homes early December. Kune Kune pigs vary from 24" to 30" high and weigh between 140-220 lbs. Kunes have a steady temperament, and are extremely easy to handle. They are very gentle, and very friendly. Customer needs...
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    Please note these are being advertised for a friend of mine.. Most of the youngsters are boars. One of the litters are currently being hand reared due to nursing problems with one of the mums. These are 'Lithuaniam Micro Piglets' Mum and dad were originally imports. Parents are all over 4 years...
1-5 of 5 Results