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    We often hear people say dont use pine in this hobby, but is it necessarily true? Or another husbandry myth...
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    Due to relationship breakdown and moving back in with my parents.... For sale £100 ono, with 4 foot vivarium and full set up, 2010 (ish) male Bull snake X Patternless Pine snake, about 4 foot. For sale £100 ono, with the 4 foot vivarium (full set up) 2009 (ish) White sided albino male Bull...
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    We have just had a log cabin built in our garden and I was wondering if anyone knows if it is dangerous to keep a snake in what may be a pine cabin. Would it have the same effect as a pine substrate.
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    Hi folks. Just a quick question, I've read several posts on different woods that are safe to use in Vivs. I know that 'raw pine' is a no go, because of the sap apparently. But how about the super heat treated stuff that has been baked in a kiln and is often used in rodent cages? Cheers Ryan
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    Right so I think i'm going to get a bull/pine snake. What would be better for a 3 foot viv? Heat lamp or heat mat? And what size and wattage of lamp/mat would be sufficient? Any extra tips welcome. Thanks.
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    Right so I think i'm going to get a bull/pine snake. What would be better for a 3 foot viv? Heat lamp or heat mat? If so, what size and wattage would be adequate? Any extra tips welcome. Thanks.
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    So, I have a black pine snake. I have had her for over two years and she eats like a champ and is approaching a meter in length. How large do these snakes get generally? I hear wildly varying lengths between only one meter to like 2.5. Any info would be great.
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    who uses it with no issues for their snakes? (climbing material etc) I know theres some debate on wether dried pine ok or not,im not really wanting the risk ,but curtain poles be most ideal for what I need so unless some long term breeders whove kept and bred snakes with pine inside vivs over...
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    For sale we have a Northern Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus ) Not sure on sex 6 month old £60 snake only or 12x12x18 Exo Terra viv with background and light hood £75 excl snake or £120 for both
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    Looking for an adult female Mexican pine snake please
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    Please don't put your snakes inside your pine christmas tree. The trees are toxic for them and may cause death/sickness or a hefty vet bill. I know the thought of seeing the snake 'FAP' around in the tree with all the decorations sounds cute and you really want to take a quick pic of it, but...
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    One 4 x 2 x 2ft pine vivarium with glass sliding door and desert background. This is hand made (not by me!) and is in great condition. Perfect for medium size boids and many lizards. Comes with a sliding door lock and key. Viv is in NW London. Cash on collection please Cheers.
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    ...more people in to Pituophis? (That's Gopher, Pine & Bull snakes to all you none scientificy name types) Just a few examples on this thread Some awesome morphs coming out of the States in the world of...
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    male normal northern pine snake 2007 hatch - £40 unsexed creamsicle corn snake 2010 hatch - £40 unsexed normal corn snake 2009 hatch - £40 unsexed amel corn snake 2010 hatch - £50 unsexed anery corn snake 2010 hatch - £50 also a silver vivarium 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 ft with microclimate AHS 150W for...
  15. Snakes
    My Pine snake is around 15 month old, coming on over 4ft with a weight of over 600g and happily taking 2 medium rats staggered through the week. I understand these snakes are generally big appetite and faster metabolism due to them digging about and such which is why i'm feeding it twice a week...
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    Female Northern pine snake, approx 3ft long, 219g, born 7th June last year and in full health. Includes full feeding history and weights since I got her in February.
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    Hello guys, I have male and female Nothern Pine Snakes from this year for sale. 7th consecutive feeds on all. Thank you
  18. Snake Pictures
    Hello guys, thought I'd share some pics of my newly hatched Pines. They are so cute, hissy and all haven't missed a single feed :D I have some babies available in the classified section. Enjoy!
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    Looking for some informed advice on creating a slate topped hide for my royal pythons. I have purchased slate tiles for a roof. I am now looking at strip wood that I can use to create effectively three 3 walls to make a hide. I have read that certain pine and softwoods can be dangerous for...
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    Hello, I will soon have some very cute, hissy and great feeding Northern Pine Snakes available. Just sunk their 3rd and all consecutive feeds with no problem at all. Male and Female available - Normal phase Collection preferred but I can work with a courier at your expense PM me for...
1-20 of 81 Results