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    2010 1.2 North Mexican pines £150 . All healthy bred by Al Stotton.Pics don't do them justice. 2009 Female Isabel island ground boa. £250 Healthy can be handled but not great lover of it. Open to sensible offers.:2thumb: MALE FEMALE FEMALE ISABEL
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    Due to our breeding plans changing we are selling a trio of nothern pine snakes, they are all unnelated and gowing fast they are taking medium to large mice and shedding and pooing fine the male is a little hissy when in rub but fine once out, they can all come with their rubs but no viv or...
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    How much should I expect to pay for female and male Northern Pine Snake hatchlings? Just wondering what's a good price and what isn't.
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    Here i have 2 young 6month old pine snakes for salle.both eat(rat fluffs) poo and shed fine.only reason for sale as im into my royals more. May swop for decent female royal Anymore info just post a reply or pm me regards
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    After alot of thought have decided on my direction took a few years :lol2: So with this in mind i have a few things up for sale and more to follow . Pm for details on anything your interested in. Can prob sort out a rub type set up for all but no heating. 09 Mexican Bairds Male £45 09 Brb...
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    and hatched out
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    Hi all really need this pair gone now to make some room so will do them both for £80, details and pics (iPhone quality or lack of it :lol2:) can be found in the links below
1-7 of 7 Results