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  1. Food Classifieds
    I know its a bit of a long shot , but, has anyone got any LIVE Pinkies , thank you
  2. Feeder
    I have just started breeding my own feeder mice. Well I got my breeding stock but have not yet got any babies. I will need pinkies but I am not sure if I should take a whole litter or just a few pinkies from several litters. I guess taking a whole litter must be traumatic for the mum and knock...
  3. Food Classifieds
    Wanted a regular source of live mice in the Surrey or West Sussex area.
  4. Food Classifieds
    Hi, As the title states I am looking for live pinkie mice. Thank you, Paul
  5. Snakes
    By food I mean frozen food. I have food, but think it would be too big for my snake (smallest fluffs are about 3cm wide X 5cm long) as he was about 1.5cm wide (he shed recently though, but still to small) at this thickest when looked at from above and I don't want him to regurgitate. Anyway...
  6. Lizards
    When should I start introducing pinkies or fluffs to my CWD's? I have a pair around 4 or 5 months at a guess (shop a bit vague about age when bought "a few months" best either could do). One is 14in STV and the other about 12.5in STV. They aren't the greatest of feeders, so far have given them...
  7. Snakes
    Hi, I have a 16 week old corn snake hatchling and she has been on 1 day old pinkies up until tonight and I've tried her on large pinkies but it's taken her 10 minutes to eat it whereas before she would have eaten it within 2 to 3 minutes. is this normal? Thanks :snake:
  8. Snakes
    Hi, I have a 15 week old Amel corn snake hatchling, I have had her just under 4 weeks and was told to feed her 1 pinkie a week? However after about 4 days it seems as though she is hungry again? Is this normal? should I be feeding her more often? She is 15 grams. After I have fed her you can...
  9. Food Classifieds
    200 frozen mice pinkies available,100 per bag. £15 for 100.
  10. Food Classifieds
    i have a bag of 100 frozen mice pinkies £15 the lot.. collection from essex...
  11. Food Classifieds
    i have 100 frozen mice pinkies for £10 the box collection from essex..:2thumb:
  12. Snakes
    Hey guys :) We're just trying to feed Yui (our hoggie). She managed to chow down up to the neck of the pink then spat it back out again. We were wondering what might have happened and thought the pinkie might be too big? Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Snakes
    I have a 7wk old corn who is on pinkies, when should I move it up to the next size? We got it on Sunday, it was due a feed yesterday which it took :) thank you.
  14. Lizards
    Firstly, let me apologise. I'm sure this has been answered before, but I can't find any definite answers. Should geckos be eating pinkies? What health implications can become of this? What benefit would this have?
  15. Feeder
    Hi, I've bred my mice in two 1.1 groups, and then put the two females together once pregnant to help raise each others litters. With the two males being solitary. If I were to have a group of 1.2 mice in a cage, and both females became pregnant, would it cause complication to leave the male in...
  16. Snakes
    got two kingsnakes yesterday and they look underweight so was advised to give them fluffs. they have been eating 3 pinkies a week but the pinkies are very small so we got them both a fluff last night and have put them in with them they are very interested although dont seem to be able to fit the...
  17. Lizards
    I saw a video on Youtube of a leo eating a pinkie (it was alive) and it seemed quite large for it. I was just wondering do others feed pinkies to their leos? Or was this just one crazy american? (I'm assuming he was american as it's illegal to feed live over here isn't it?)
  18. Snakes
    Hi all. So i've had my Corn Snake since September 7th. It was 6 months old then and is now 8 months old. I keep the temp on the hot side at 80F and the cool side at room temperature which is around 72F. It has shed once since i've had it which i think is quite worrying. I don't know how much it...
  19. Snakes
    Hi guys. I'm just wondering when to upgrade my Corn Snakes food. It's currently only 8 months old and is feeding on Pinkies. It's only shed once and i was wondering when i should upgrade from Pinkies to Fuzzies?
  20. Snakes
    I have three none feeding baby corns and boy are they taking up so much time. Each is having to be force fed as everything else thats been suggested just hasn't worked. To start with I was just feeding a pinkie but I found that the hatchling would try to regurdge it as soon as I let it go...
1-20 of 57 Results