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    Here is my red bellied piranha for sale (geoffrey) , had it for a while now, its healthy with no scars, scratches or bite marks. it has been fed on frozen fish, pellets and the occasional dubia cockroach that i breed. The picture isn't the clearest but it will do. Only had it for a couple of...
  2. Fish Keeping
    Hi guys Hope someone out there can help me out there. I'm a reptile keeper (Exotic snakes), I must state before i write this post i do not know or pretend to know anything about fish. However, last week a friends young 14 year old son, had brought these two fish from a shop without his mother...
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    Testing the water on behalf of my mate, he has 6 Red Belly Piranhas which are current spawning and eggs have already been laid. He wants to sell each for £25 which is fair as my local aquatics sell one for £50. Selling them so he can buy other fish which are more vibrant in colour pm me or...
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    up for sale is my 5 red belley piranha they are around 6in long
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    red bellied piranha x 2 around 4inch feeding great fish only £15 the pair
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    i have 20 2inch peacock bass £6 each growing really fast 14 2inch green terrors £3 each 4 2inch silver sharks £2.50 each 2 2inch L001 orange spot plecos £4 each would swap for piranhas/pacus, adult/near adult bristlenose plecos, rare fish, breeding fish or any reptiles.
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    hi there i am thinking about trying to swap a big fish tank with some piranha in it. i will consider any age/morph for the swap. in total there is over £500 worth of kit. so the swap needs to be near that. the set up includes: fluval roma 200l tank with original cabinet all the sand plants and...
  8. Fish Keeping
    Hey all, Rosie my Red bellied piranha sadly passed away last week and obviously the aquarium is now empty/cleaned out i'm missing not having her around, so i've decided on either a Black Rhom or a Piraya which do you guys think ?.
  9. Hi!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum - don't actually keep reptiles, but I do breed phasmids, and have a tank of red bellied piranhas, and I'm also a bat carer, with 9 bats in at the moment. It seems like a lively forum for unusual pets, so I thought I'd join and say 'hi'. :-)
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    I've not had this guy long but I think I'm going to go back to a shoal of reds. He's in good health and eats like a pig! Must be kept himself as he will eat anything you put in the tank with him. Not recommended for the first time piranha keeper. You have to be on top of your water quality...
  11. Aquatics Pictures
    Just a short clip of my rbp when they where small. tanks completely re vamped now gone back to sand and running on a fx5 rather than 2 x 405's and the piranha are approx 30% bigger MVI 1012 - YouTube
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    Hi, I am looking high and low for some Amazonian Characins called Silver Tetra, although they resemble Pacu or Piranha rather than a tetra lol. Thanks, Shaun
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    hi i have 7 red bellied piranha have bred twice while i have had then and as far as im aware have bred before this to so they are very active breeders they also live with a pacu and 2 chilids i am selling as a group and will not split im open to offers as i have not had much interest and need...
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    5 adult red bellied piranha Pygocentrus nattereri for sale. Eating just about anything meaty. Must sell as a group. £50ono. Collection from Gillingham. Cheers
  15. Fish Keeping
    just wondering how much i should pay for a group of 7 breeding adult piranha can anyone help me out thanx
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    up for sale or swap for royal python morphs is my betta lifespace 1000 fishtank including sump, heater, power head, and a shoal of 9 red belly piranhas, everything is in a1 condition! very nice centerpiece to a living room. any questions pm me! or pm with offers! this setup cost me the best part...
  17. Fish Keeping
    hey is anyone interested in keeping piranha may have some for sale
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    I have 5 red bellied piranhas for sale, they are very happy fish would consider selling in smaller groups but would prefer they all go together! £50 for all 5 If you have any questions please feel free to pm me! Also for sale Blue Clawed Crayfish- shed about 6 weeks ago £10 Black Piranha-...
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    Lovely Looking tank. Tropical set up. Brand new heater and filter bought 2 weeks ago. Piranhas are babys and are 2 inches long. Comes with plants, gravel, pebbles, crocidle head, no fishing sign. Can Sell you bog wood and a big ship for an extra £50 as ship was £60 on it's own. Lots of food to...
  20. Fish Keeping
    Anybody else ere keep these I think there great iv ad mine since last tuesday n there all settled an starting to colour up great no problems with feeding and not eaten me yet which is a bonus lol is there anything else they like to eat other than whitebait and the obvious foods?? Thanks Mark ...
1-20 of 27 Results