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  1. Aquatics Pictures
    I technically have two Aquariums though one will be used by my fiancé soon as he wants to set it up as a high-tech planted shrimp tank. My biggest is a simple 2ft tank, 15 gallons in total. This is my "whatever happens" planted tank lol. I have never had luck before keeping a planted tank...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Live Planted All glass vivarium with sliding doors. Tank size, 40x40x60 Mesh vent at the top and front of the tank for good ventilation. Custom 3D cork bark background Live planted with a variety of plants, including Bromeliads (Neoregelia) Ficus oak leaf, and other great vivarium plants. Well...
  3. Fish Keeping
    So I have a Juwel Rekord 110L tank. Currently inhabited by 6 neon tetra 6 or 7 red ember tetra (think one may have passed today it was looking really pale and always been a bit dodgy due to missing an eye :( ). 5 corydoras, a bristlenose, and a couple of khuli loaches.. plant wise I have some...
  4. Amphibians
    Our Phyllobates terribilis mint vivarium that we have set up complete with full length drip wall that we constructed, we have introduced a group of juveniles hoping for a good ratio of males and females, fingers crossed.
  5. Amphibian Classifieds
    Live Planted Custom Vivarium. Exo Terra 30x30x45. Custom background with a variety of Live Plants. Has a Drainage layer, Microfauna such as Springtails to do the cleaning. Would suit Small Arboreal Species or can be used as a nice grow out tank. Nothing has lived in the vivarium since I...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    selling my 55x55x70 ent style viv made by dale emms at DMS vivaria. all plants and decor is included (lights and nozzles are NOT) good condition, under a year old, no leaks or cracks. looking for £200 collection from my house CM3 or i may be able to deliver for fuel costs as long as not too...
  7. Fish Keeping
    I just wanted to ask a question about planted tanks. Surely the more heavly planted the tank is the less water changes you have to do? And also if the less stocked your tank is the less water changes? I have an already heavly planted 60 L tank with floating plants and also pothos growing out of...
  8. Habitat
    Thinking of re-doing my planted tanks, I have a crested gecko and milk frog tank next to each other and was looking at getting lights to cover them both. The Milk frog seems to appreciate a bit of basking and he's provided UVB atm, but the crested gecko isn't bothered either way (doesn't disturb...
  9. Habitat
    Realised I hadn't updated my photobucket and therefore haven't been able to post pictures for a while so here's a picture heavy update! Amazon tree boa Tanks built for a pair of chameleons! Nano exo terra for a praying mantis Golden mantella Inside a spare tank Now a few shots of a...
  10. Snakes
    He's such a lovely little guy! Only got tagged once so very happy!! Josh
  11. Planted Vivariums
    re jigged one of the spare planted tanks to house a little Amazon Tree Boa, that we picked up from doncaster show for a few weeks until his planted 2ft cube is finished!! hes such an amazing little thing! note the glass has been cleaned now lol! he was just watching me while i was messing with...
  12. Habitat
    Ok! Iv built a few planted tanks now and tried different things and water features ect and iv got my hands on a nice big tank and even though our golden mantella have only just had a nice tank built for them I think the deserve a better one! I'd love some ideas of basically the most complicated...
  13. Amphibians
    Here is a few shots of our 5 golden mantella (mantella aurantiaca) and what will soon be there new home! And there new home still under construction (awaiting the last plants) Would love to hear some opinions on how I can better it! Cheers Josh
  14. Habitat
    This is a few photos I got tonight of my build in process for my 5 golden mantella its a 3ft tank, it's got a waterfall and pool as well as a seperate pool that's water level changes due to simulated season. Just awaiting new silent running fans, to install the fogger and add the last few plants...
  15. Habitat
    I'm doing a build ATM for golden mantella and I wa wondering what plants people use in the swamp areas!? The area has a natural pool that will increase and decrease with simulated season but what plants can I plant rather in it or around its banks which are very moist substrate! Iv got the rest...
  16. Habitat
    I got 5 golden mantella the other week as there quite happy in there tank but I want to give them a bigger one so iv started to build this! It's 3 foot long and should suit them quite well!! Awaiting plants and a few other bits at the moment so more pictures to come as more is done! , it's got...
  17. Habitat
    First up is my first planted tank I built maturing nicely is now a home to a pair of marbled newts, A new tank that iv put some golden mantella into! All coming along nicely and more animals and updates soon! Josh
  18. Amphibian Pictures
    Here's a few pics of our 5 new golden mantella " Mantella aurantiaca" they are amazing little things! Only around 15mm ish! Really bold little things!! Josh
  19. Habitat
    Can't eat my head round this- how is there enough room for your drainage, and then your soil which is planted, how do the roots have enough room Someone enlighten me with your genius:notworthy:
  20. Habitat
    Took me months and a lot of money but my crested gecko tank is finally done. other half wasn't to please when i used yacht varnish in the flat lol. Camera Shy
1-20 of 46 Results