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  1. Habitat
    Hello all, As the title suggests i am looking for somewhere with a large variety of live plants, I live by Gatwick Airport. Can anyone recommend anywhere? Many thanks!
  2. Amphibians
    Hi everyone so I have a few main plants I want in my white tree frog Inclosure but I wanna make sure they’re white tree frog safe. Asparagus plant Devils ivy Umbrella plant Nerve plant Spider plant Peperomia sp Philodendron Java moss Sphagnum moss (for in the soil) Are these all okay??
  3. Amphibian Classifieds
    I have for sale, plant cuttings of various species, which are suitable for terrariums (I use all these plants in my Oophaga setups), species of which include : Marcgravia Sintensii Marcgravia Umbellata Marcgravia sp 'Peru' (poss Piper sp) Cissus Discolor Begonia Thelmae Begonia Listada Begonia...
  4. Amphibians
    What is the most reliable way to sterilise newly acquired aquatic plants against Chytrid fungus?
  5. Spiders and Inverts
    Does anyone have experience keeping live plants in a praying mantis enclosure? I was to start a new tank with a real orchid for an orchid mantis. The orchid needs direct sun but obviously I don't want to overheat hte mantis. Any suggestions? Thank you
  6. Lizards
    I have a 2 year old leopard gecko in a 24x18x12 Exo-Terra enclosure, that I’m thinking about getting a light for. I’d like to grow plants in his enclosure, so the light will be pretty bright. It will hopefully be two 6500k LED E26 bulbs at around 1,000 lumens each. I am worried that this light...
  7. Arcadia
    After years of work I am delighted to say that we have now released a free standing Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn-LED Bar. Available in 4 sizes, made to fit perfectly over the 4 sizes of mesh topped viv from 12"/30cm to 36"/90cm. The kit also includes a free viv fitting kit and link cable. This...
  8. Snakes
    Hi guys, Happy New Year. I got my son a new setup for a Royal Python, Ive owned Bearded Dragons , Iguanas and water dragons even had 2 Piranhas ( boring things) but never owned a snake. My lads always wanted one so this xmas I got him a full setup. Just wondering what live plants can I put in...
  9. Newbie Advice
    I was wondering if i could use gorilla glue on the suction cups of my plants to make them stick to the glass to stop them falling down? I dont really want to use a hot glue gun. Thanks in advance
  10. Lizards
    Hi all! My partner and I are in the process of building a large enclosure for a new bearded dragon and are trying to really put a lot of money and effort into a safe and stimulating home. We are trying to decorate a 3ftx4ft enclosure with a stone/moss/castle ruins theme.I thought that one or...
  11. Amphibian Classifieds
    up for sale is my xl exo terra which I was originally setting up for darts but never got round to completing. It comes with a covered expanding foam background, 1 large piece of wood, 1 medium piece of wood, bag full of clay balls, lots of substrate, bags of medium and large bark chips and some...
  12. Snakes
    Does natural hides make a difference over synthetic hides to the animal, The lady from youtube who calls herself leopard gecko says it makes her pets more active when using real hides and plants. I can only see real plants making a diffrence but not hides. I am having the Exo Terra Snake Cave...
  13. Lizards
    Hi, I'm in the process of building a vivarium for my Chinese water dragon. I want to keep live plants so need to have a substrate that will provide everything they need to grow, but it must also be suitable for my water dragon. I am installing a misting/fogger system, but have a 94l (filtered)...
  14. Lizards
    Hello, Tomorrow I'm going to do a full clean out of my chameleon's cage and I'm going to redo it all and change a few things. First of all, I bought a few plants a ficus benjamina, and dracaena marginata that I'm going to try and hang but I'm struggling to know how. I looked online and they say...
  15. Planted Vivariums
    Hi I am researching what the best live plants I could use to build a natural enclosure for crocodile skinks. Regards Jamie
  16. Lizards
    Hello, I am going to be owning my first crested gecko soon, and have looked in my local garden centre (I live in England) for live plants that can be used in my geckos vivarium. I am considering purchasing three plants there however other sites have not listed these three plants as suitable...
  17. Amphibians
    So I am putting together a tree frog tank, still undecided on the exact species but leaning towards a couple of RETFs, the tank is an Exo Terra 60*45*60. I ordered a cork background and got various bits of wood and decor ready to go but the last thing I need is plants. I have a Tokay Gecko setup...
  18. Habitat
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  19. Aquatics Classifieds
    UP digital ph controller with probe. Brand new in box, never used. £55 including postage
  20. Lizards
    I've had my crested gecko for 1 month, he is a baby estimated at around 5 months old. I have some Exo Terra artificial silk plants in his terrarium but I have a problem. Despite only having the plants for 1 month, I have found that they silk are fraying and I find bits of them scattered around...
1-20 of 500 Results