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    Available for 09.03 Hamm: Pictures here: P. reticulatus 79% superdwarf(Madu) CB19 Pairing was 82.5% SD (Madu) tiger platinum to 75% SD (Madu) tiger poss het anery. Mother (CB11) is around 3m, father (CB15) 2m. All babies already feed on defrosted medium mouses. Each...
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    CB 17 retics platinum £125 ivory £350 ultra ivory £450 will have some at Doncaster on Sunday or collection from Crewe message me for more info trying to upload pictures but photobucket not good at moment
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    Stunning CB15 Female Platinum Het Albino Reticulated Python Purchased from Imperial Retics. Shed's and poos fine, currently she's about 7ft. Any interested buyers should remember the size she will attain as an adult.
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    I have the following reticulated python hatchlings available for sale, all bred by myself. They're feeding well and all in perfect health. Collection welcomed from Leek, Staffordshire or a reptile courier at your cost / arrangement. Snakes can also be taken to Doncaster at no additional cost on...
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    Snakes 0.0.1 Adult Black Rat Snake - £55 1.0.0 White Sided Black Rat Snake - £70 1.0.0 Southern Pine Snake - £70 0.0.2 Albino African House Snake - £45 0.0.1 Albino Checkered Garter - £40 Sand Boas 0.0.1 Dodoma Flame Kenyan Sand Boa - £155 1.0.0 Snow Sand Boas - £95 1.1.0 het Albino - £75 0.0.2...
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    Prices from £50-£70. Collection from Nottingham, delivery possible depending on location. PM for more details
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    *CB15 Reticulated Pythons For Sale* The majority are coming up ready to go now! Normal 50% het Albino, 50% het Titanium Male: £80 Female: £100 Tiger 50% het Albino, 50% het Titanium Male: £120 Female: £140 Platinum 50% het Albino Male: £130 Platinum Citron 50% het Albino Male...
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    *CB15 Reticulated Pythons For Sale* 7.3 Normal 50% het Albino, 50% het Titanium Male: £80 Female: £100 1.4 Tiger 50% het Albino, 50% het Titanium Male: £120 Female: £140 3.0 Platinum 50% het Albino Male: £130 1.2 Platinum Citron 50% het Albino Male: £650 Female: £850 2.4...
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    I have for sale the following,adult female Burmese £50 Adult female dwarf lavender albino retic ,proven £295 Sub adult male tiger het genetic stripe retic £160 8 month old platinum het albino 50%dwarf retic female £160 All are in great condition ,lovely to handle feeding well .i am only selling...
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    2014 male platinum beautiful yellows and greens on him, with a great tenperemt I am asking £185
  11. Snake Pictures
    Picking up this one in a few hours can't wait off Shrek on here :mf_dribble:
  12. Snake Pictures
    6 year project hatched in 2013. Breeding was Ghost Diffused het. Charcoal, Stripe X Coral (Hypo) Snow het. Charcoal Stripe. There was Ghost, Platinum, Ghost Stripe & Platinum Stripe hatched in the clutch and all were easily distinguishable. Freshly hatched brother 7th July 2013: 15m old...
  13. Genetics
    So guys, here I am to try and find some answers, hoping all you retic breeders can chime in. im aiming this post at the lucys. I've read on here that the platinum gene acts like a het albino for the visual ''super'' platinum. be it ivory, ultras or lucy - kind of like how Bobs albinos work...
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    Hi Guys, I am looking for a female platinum retic to add to my collection. cb10 or older. I have cash waiting! I hope to hear something soon
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    1.0 citron supertiger adult several times proven, he has noserub , but he is very healthy and eats very go...od (rats or rabbits), he has got a very nice and calm personality. 500 euro / 400£ 0.1 double het OGS/ albino , 1.5 years old eat rats and rabbits , very nice personality 1100 euro /...
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    Female lesser ( 2014) for sale. 121g and has had 10 meals ( FT half grown mice ) £135 OBRO Courier at buyers expense or pickup in Edinburgh. I will obviously give any advice or help needed to make sure she settles in well. : victory: I accept cash, paypal, bank transfers and, heck, I...
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    I have 2 stunning male platinum het lavender albino ,50%dwarf retics born 13 /08/14 both shedding feeding and tame .£185 is a great price for these.probaly the cheapest in the south west. I may deliver locally if needed ,or will arrange something if required.please message,text or give me a...
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    Pair of Retics, female Ivory and Male Platinum CB13 both bred by Bob Clark. Beautiful snakes, eating and shedding perfectly. £1200 for the pair. Male is very calm, although can be a little viv defensive. Female can be aggressive but she's showing signs of calming down now with regular handling...
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    I have two male platinum retics 50%dwarf and 100% het lavender albino born 15/8/14 both have had three meals and shed twice. Mother is dwarf lavender 8 years old and about 10 feet,father is a peter folsham bred platinum 5 years old also about 10 feet. So these two should remain smallish adults...
1-19 of 125 Results