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    Hi, Due to a change in personal circumstances, I am putting up for sale my 62.5% SD Platinum Retic Female. She was originally bred by Tom Casey of Wildside Reptiles. She has a lovely personality and is used to handling. I have never had a strike from her but she is tapped trained...
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    Hi, I am looking for a super dwarf retic with around 75% SD blood. I would be after a hatchling female that is either sunfire or platinum. As this will be a pet rather than a breeding project, I do not need anything fancy such as het for stripes, albinism, etc. Please PM or e-mail...
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    CB14 Hatchling Male/Female Weight (15/12) Price Code Pastel Clown Male 75 grams £695.00 450a Clown Male 150 grams £450.00 450b Pied Female 280 grams £425.00 450c Pied Male 160 grams £395.00 453 Pied Male 230 grams £395.00 454 Pied Male...
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    CB13 PLATINUM RETIC ... Male. Does everything as he should... Never missed a feed n eating small rats n pooping/shedding well ... £200 collection from Newcastle or can courier at buyers expense :)
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    Had a quick check and think this is the only one available as since CPR has hit bamboos there 2010 male got removed from site and wasn't sold..... :whistling2: With all the female King Pins, enchi lessers, FIRE LESSERS, leopard lessers and blue eyed bel complex female combos out there you...
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    Stunning Platty Daddy female for sale CB11 #17 RDR Live feeder 550g £6250
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    Well you might have seen when i was at the reptile rooms last week i got tempted with a nice dark purple male, we also looked at a lovely platinum male too, but decided we only needed one new retic, well we went back yesterday and gave in and bought him too :p His saddles on his back are...
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    He's such a stunner and an amazing feeder! Can't wait for him to shed, it's his first one with me and I wanna see what he really looks like!!!
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    Basically im picking my first royal now, but Im aware im likely to breed in the future same as I will with my corns. Only question is could somebody give me the outcomes of a couple of pairings Albino x Albino....Would these throw all albinos or all het or a bit of both? Lesser Platty x...
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    lovely temperament, well settled ,enjoys handling viewings welcome bred by myself parents can be seen (silly i know) full feeding/shedding records from birth slow starter but brilliantly strike feeding on defrost rat fluffs :2thumb: im in new eltham ( - s.e.9)...
1-10 of 10 Results