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  1. Snake Pictures
    Picking up this one in a few hours can't wait off Shrek on here :mf_dribble:
  2. Fish Keeping
    I have two Platy's who have been pregnant for what feels like a human list cycle! They are massive and I know they must be ready to go any day now! I have a breeder tub thing, I'll post a pic. It has two seperate sides and I wanted to save the babies and give a few to my friend and keep the...
  3. Fish Keeping
    Has anyone kept platys in a sub-tropical tank, as in 20-21c? I currently have a 15 gallon sub-tropical with 1 male betta and a few panda corys and would like to add a few more occupants.
  4. Fish Keeping
    My parents tank has platies that have gone a bit nutty and I wondered if it was normal? We started with a pair of platies, a group of rummy nose tetra, and a load of shrimp, the female platy consistently hounded the male and we finally found her eating him, we weren't sure if she was responsible...
  5. Fish Keeping
    I set my parents up a fish tank a while ago with tropicals, I haven't kept tropicals for quite a while and am looking for a bit of advice on an 'off colour' fish. They have a platy that had very closed up fins yesterday, I thought that usually meant parasites, so I started checking out...
  6. Aquatics Classifieds
    as above
  7. Fish Keeping
    Hey, i have a 2 and a half foot tank with platy amd molly fry in, there about 4months old now, they have all being fine and feed well and a water change is done every 10-14days, regular water tests are done and Ph ammonia nitrate and nitire levels are all normal, however i noticed last night...
  8. Fish Keeping
    hey there, i noticed my platy has a kind of slivery/white patch on the top of his head, hes swimming normal, eating etc, his normal self, im just not sure what it is, its not raised in any way just a patch there that he never used to have
  9. Aquatics Pictures
    heres bilbo (sorry about photo quality) heres frodo and sam really shy so hard to get a picture
  10. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hello everybody I've got 5+ platy fry.a few weeks old now. The parents have deep orange bodies and jet black fins. Open to offers. Buyer pickup from west London Thanks Daniel
  11. Fish Keeping
    hi, i have a 2ft tank with a plec, dwarf gourami, a ram, 2 platys, 3 tetras, a zebra danio and a guppy, i lost one of my rams about a week ago and now my female platy is jus lieing on the bottom on her side and has being for about 3days now, she lost alot of weight and i cannot get her to eat...
  12. Fish Keeping
    hi, my platy gave birth 2days ago and i put the new fry with my other fry, only a few weeks old too, but so far 2 of my older fry have died, i look and there fine a hour later ones died, water change was done yesterday tested water all is ok, does anyone know if anything could be casuing it or...
  13. Fish Keeping
    hi, ive just noticed some orange dots on my blue platy, mainly on the top of head/body and top fin, quite shiney too, does anyone know if its a fungus/infection etc like whitespot, the other 2 blue platies are ok, he seems fine in himself, swimming round fine, eating fine etc, just formed these...
  14. Fish Keeping
    Hey, my platy finally gave birth, can see about 8 fry atm, i dont think she is finished but my question is i already have some fry in a breeding trap that are about a month old, will they eat the new fry if i put them together? they wont be in there long as the mom will be put back in 3ft tank...
  15. Fish Keeping
    hi, i have a platy who ive left in my 28L tank as shes pregnant and the other fish have being moved to my newest set up in a 3ft tank, i cant put her in the breeding trap as i currently have fry in there, soon as she gives birth i will move her to the newest tank, save what fry i can, my problem...
  16. Aquatics Classifieds
    Got around 20 unwanted platy, had to put them in my fancy goldfish tank because a friend was overstocked and need to get rid of them, anybody want them? dont want anything for them atall
  17. Fish Keeping
    yesterday i was given 2 black mollies and 10 fry by my sister that she had in her marine tank to get everythin started. both the mollies are female and i have a male red wag platy (buyin more platys 2moz) which seems to be extremely horny ever since i introduced them into the tank. Is it...
  18. Fish Keeping
    First off, I just got my first Pleco, Bulldog. I reaserched into their diet etc but he won't seem to eat what it says, I gave him some cucumber, but it was untouched after a day so I took it out so it don't pollute tank, than yesterday I dropped a cube of frozen food but he/she didn't touch it...
1-18 of 18 Results