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poison arrow frogs
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    Hi Guys, I'm looking to move on some of my frogs so I have a prolific breeding group of 3 phantasmal (Epipedobates tricolour) dart frogs for sale. These breed like crazy (100's of tads per year) and consists of 3 adults, 1 beautiful calling male and 2 females. Tadpoles can be seen! Very easy...
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    Hi all, I've got some Epipedobates tricolour for sale. They're just starting to colour up now, are feeding well on mels, and have been out of the water about two months. The parent group are from at least three different bloodlines. £15 each or 4 for £50. Collection from Wokingham in...
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    Will have any species preferred in pairs/breeding pairs but will take single frogs no setup needed preferred free but if you have any offers/deals i will consider them : victory:
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    We have three Blue / Black, Dart frogs for sale do not know the sex they are 2 years old £110 for all three. Can come with E.N.T. Fully Planted dart frog viv 23inch x16inch x 16inch, £220 for the 3 dart frogs and the viv.
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    hi all new to the site, i am just setting up to keep arrow frogs after a few years lay off. so anyone with any for sale, let me know. i am on the east coat near hull.
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    And I was wondering how long they can live for under the right conditions of course :2thumb:
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    Hi all, I have some Juvenile D. auratus, Green & Black Poison Dart Frogs & Blue & Black Poison Dart Frogs, For Sale £20.00 Each, All eating fruit flies, Aphids & micro crickets. Many thanks, Lee
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    3 blue/yellow dyeing poisons only £80 for all 3!!! 2 blue poison arrows £70 the pair albino horned frog £30 no tanks as in viv stack please p.m me for more details pics will be up asap thanks for looking :2thumb:
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    Hi Dart Frog lovers and breeders, Could anyone that breed or have forsale the Poison Arrow Frogs , leave a post please please please. Im looking to get some Dendrobates, (leucomelas and azureus). Also it would be helpful (if possible) to let us know the following: Part of country you...
1-9 of 9 Results