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  1. Invert Classifieds
    Hello, Slings: 0.0.x C.marshalli £5 each or 5 for £20 !! 0.0.4 P. striata communal All for £20 juveniles: 0.0.1 C.marshalli 3.5cm BL (unsexed) £15 Males: 1.0.0 A. diversipes 2 months old, £25 1.0.0 P. smithi molted today !!!! REAL P. smithi !! 35 Pounds Postage and packing £8.50 (Special...
  2. Breeding Loans
    Hi everyone I am need of a mm P. Reduncus, P. Regalis either 50/50 or to buy (preferred to do 50/50) I have a mm P. Ornata to 50/50 or buy for £15 collection or delivery only! I will deliver within 20 miles from Rednal for fuel costs (possibly further if buyer is willing to pay) I will also...
  3. Spiders and Inverts
    Alright guys/gals .. Setting up my vivs for my T's, P. Metallica, P.Regalis, P.Irminia, P. Ornata and on the lookout for a P. Rufilata and one other Pokie. Here are my vivs at the moment, they're all in the process of being setup, the bamboo only ones are the new idea. What I was worried about...
  4. Spider and Invert Pictures
    Hi all Couple of pics of my female highland for you to enjoy :2thumb:
  5. Spider and Invert Pictures
    I was cleaning her tank out tonight so snapped a couple of quick pics whilst I had her tubbed up.
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    Hi all, hope those like myself who went to the BTS show on Sunday had fun! One of my purchases was a P. metallica and I would like to get some views on what sex people think it is. It was sold to me as sexed but I am trying to learn myself the things to look out for. Sorry if the pictures...
  7. Spiders and Inverts
    My P. tig has just shed and her moult was 5inch. Would she be ok to breed or would she be to small?
  8. Spiders and Inverts
    what are your views on multi housing pokies, breeding pairs, long term, and inter genus housing. Id like to get a bit of info on how the size requirements people keep theirs in as pairs or more. What people think about keeping multiple pokies of the same genus and of mixed genus. And some...
  9. Invert Classifieds
    As stated above AF Regalis in 8x16x8 Custom Aquaria £50 AF Pedersini in 10x13.5x10 Custom Aquaria £45 AF Cyriopagopus sp. (Sulawesi black) in 30x30x45 exo £60 All 3 for £130
  10. Invert Classifieds
    after these 2 pokies to complete my species collection. Any size considered. thanks
  11. Spider and Invert Pictures
    These images have not been edited in any way, shape or form. They were taken using the macro setting (no zoom) of a Cannon IXUS 130, a compact camera not much bigger than a credit card. I was as close as the pictures suggest and was amazed they didn't run off ... and grateful they didn't go for...
  12. Invert Classifieds
    Hello, I am posting this on behalf of a friend. I can assure you these are quality pokies and he is very easy to deal with (all from a solid collection of pokies). For sale due to a change of heart within the hobby. :) 'Updated listed Adult females P.formosa 7" moulted June 10th £65...
  13. Spider and Invert Pictures
    so, i got my new pokies courtesy of Kevin Chater yesterday, couldn't be more happy, thought ide get a few piccys for ya alls;) there not brilliant but they had just been recieved in the post so i can't really blame them for not wanting to play ball:lol2: all alive on arrival and packed...
  14. Invert Classifieds
    Been sat on these last 5 (out of 19, and not a single fatality) since last years BTS show, all have leg spans of around 5cm, all looked female to me, though I am not the best at telling. My mate came and had a butchers, who IS pretty good at telling, he reckons theyre definitely all female. I...
  15. Invert Classifieds
    dont want to but have to cut down a little (famous last words) 4 LS" Female P Subfusca HL - £60 4 LS" Female P Ornata V1 - £30 4 LS" Female P Mettalica - £150 6 LS" Female X Immanis - £60 2 x 4.5" LS Unsexed T Blondi - £100 each.These are True T Blondi I can assure you. I have grown them on...
  16. Invert Classifieds
    5-7 cm legspan. absolutely bullet proof spiders. keep em pretty hot and spray them once a week, Iv raised all of these from slings and havent lost a single one £100 or will post for an extra £6
  17. Spiders and Inverts
    Hi, I remember when my t collection mounted to just 15, and I said I would never get any pokies, but now I have 41 mainly terrestrial spiders and I am really considering adding some of these to my ever growing collection! Just wondered what you guys thought and what would be best to start...
  18. Invert Classifieds
    Thinning out a few of my smaller pokies. All are UNSEXED unless stated and sizes are approximate 3 x P Subfusca LL ( P Bara ) 2-3 " LS £30 each 1 x P Regalis 2" LS £10 each P&P is £7 and includes a 40hr heat pack Paypal as a GIFT please (so long as you pay any fees i dont mind how it comes ...
  19. Invert Classifieds
    4 x Ornata Juviniles 10-13 cm , unsexed £30 each + postage 3 x Rufilata Juviniles between 8- 13 cm £30 each + postage postage £7.00 RMSD + HEAT PACK Postage mondays and thurdays while weather is warm enough
  20. Invert Classifieds
    Hi there guys i've still got a 7 inch MM T apophysis in perfect health, and a 6 half inch MM P rufilata in perfect health, I'll swap for any slings that r 4cm in leg span or bigger. My email address is [email protected] or u can text me on 07749547756 thank u :-)