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    I'm after the following Pokies would prefer slings or juvi's P.formosa. P.pederseni. p.rufilata. p.smithi. P.tigrinawesseli. Please pm me with what you have
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    Hi having just purchased my first pokie,( P. ornata ) I'm looking to buy some more, they are beautiful T's and I'm beginning to feel these will be my favourite species. So feel free to contact me if you have any for sale. Many Thanks
  3. Breeding
    Ok so I have placed the following into bread: P.Ornata P.Striata P.Miranda T.Chevron Avic (Bolivian pink) They have been in the tanks together for 2 days now and im going to observe and leave them in there for a while, they have all been druming during the night and hiding during the day. I...
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    hi, i am on the lookout for a MM P REGALIS MM P SUBFUSCA (highland) MM B EMILIA MM L.PARAHYBANA 50/50 BTS rules to anybody who is interested. many thanks MATT :2thumb: BTS is just round the corner but i cant make it so if anybody has one of the...
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    Im clearing out all my excess spiders to free up space in my room and to help offset the amount i just spent on a new scope for my airgun... For sale i have... 2x adult Linothele megatheloides funnel web spiders - £18 each both for £30 1x Juvenile Macrothele calpeiana - £20 1x juvenile...