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    Hi I am trying to find any breeders of the Steppe Polecat and wondered if anyone knew of any in the UK if possible ? Thanks Tracy
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    I am looking for a ferret kit, ideally a jill Polecat colour but will consider hob or other colours. I am in Ayrshire and can collect within reasonable distance of Glasgow as well as Ayrshire.
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    I'm looking for a pet ferret in Southampton. I don't mind how old it is, or if it is a jill or a hob, it just needs to be friendly. I would like to rehome a ferret from someone instead of buying from a breeder, if I can help it, as I do like to be ethical :) I will pay up to £10 for a ferret...
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    Wanted, an un-spaded female / jill ferret/polecat to go with my 2 year old male. Please provide details. Thanks
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    Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to read my advertisment. I am located in Sefton park area of liverpool and I am looking desperatly for a ferret. I have previously had them and am ready for a new baby as my last passed away in june and it's taken this time to get over him. I am...
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    Hi i have 4 Ferrets for sale: Lilo - Not nip trained champagne approx 12 weeks old Stitch - Nip Trained Polecat approx 18 weeks old Noodle - polecat and VERY FRIENDLY approx 18 weeks old Ginger - Not nip trained NEEDS TRAINING HER BITE HURTS! Champagne approx 12 weeks old Noodle and stitch...
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    I have 2 unrelated silver hob ferrets for sale at £5 each. Please don't ask for pics - they are just silver ferrets. Both well handled and both about 12-16 weeks old. Please pm me with any interest
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    wanted eu polecat thanks
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    HI. I have space available and would like to give a home to 1 or 2 ferrets. I can only take Gills or Neutered Hobs. I know I'm being a bit particular but I'd prefer polecat/ silver colouring (I have an albino gill and neutered hob already) These are to be pets and will join our soft and daft...
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    Gorgeous little boy , very tame and cuddly, used to having baths and his claws cut. Very playful doesn't bite. Loves attention and chasing his toys, his favourite is his rattle ball. Complete with food water bottle, cage etc. good home. Can deliver locally
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    Hi I am posting this on behalf of my friend who is selling 5 ferret kits for £15.00 each. There are 2 males (hobs) 3 females (gills) all related, 8 weeks old and ready to go. They are a result of male domesticated wild American polecat and pale coloured female ferret. They all have polecat...
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    I have two silver ferret kits available. Very well handled and eight weeks old, so now ready for their new homes. They are one hob and one jill, but as they are brother and sister, not suitable for breeding from (unless you have others) From very good working parents, these were the only two...
  13. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Male kit black european polecat wanted, preferably in the cumbrian area.
  14. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    As the title says I am after a Eu polecat hob to loan to go to my Eu polecat female i am not intrested in any crosses and i will be able to tell soon as i see it if it is or isnt so dont try to trick me cause you will be wasting your time. :lol2: Payment will depend on what the owner is after...
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    Some Christmas photos for your enjoyment! This is Jude. He is believed to be a Polecat/Ferret hybrid and was found wondering a free holding in Wales. He was only a few weeks old and was handed in to a rescue centre. We were given the opportunity to home him and have never looked back! Credit...
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    This is him now, above, at 11 weeks. Lovely little guy, very sweet. This is him at 7 weeks, when I first got him, below:
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    He is so sweet, and such a soppy little guy :)
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    Seven weeks old, such a sweet little boy (:
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    Hi, I recently lost my ferret, and was looking to get another soon. I saw an advert for ferrets, stating they also have black ferrets, so I contacted the seller to find out more. They replied that the black one is 7/8 Euro polecat. I was wondering how this would affect the temperament of the...
1-19 of 45 Results