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pre lay shed
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  1. Snakes
    What's the soonest time you've had a royal pre lay shed after a lock? Thanks
  2. Snakes
    Hi All, I have a female corn snake that is now on day 72 (minimum) of being gravid with a shed 12 days ago. She has been to the vets a few times and had x-rays and oxytocin jabs (two 5 day courses, 7+ days apart) and still nothing and according to the x-rays and the vet there are no...
  3. Snakes
    Just a quick one, my Bumblebee has just had her prelay shed, when do you guys start your 27 day countdown, when she goes into shed, or when the skin comes off? Reason I ask is that my other female laid just 21 days after she shed her skin but was in shed for nearly a week, I noticed my bee...
1-3 of 3 Results