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  1. Snake Classifieds
    Up for sale is my early cb18 female champagne, does all she should smashes food every week without fail, down side she is a biter, she’s also shy but she will bite you, she’ll be sitting there balled up all cute and then you get her out and BANG RIGHT IN THE KISSER!!! Don’t let this put you off...
  2. Lizard Pictures
    So I went to donny today with the intentions of getting my first crested gecko and guess what... I did! :2thumb: He's a male and he is 18 month's old. I believe he is a harlequin with a few damation spots and a stunning bold stripe down his back could he have a bit of pinstripe in him? O.o...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    I am letting my holdback female pastel go - only reason for sale is I need to fund a new rodent rack. CB12 female lemon pastel - from normal x lemon pastel pairing. She weighs 300g+ and is feeding on defrost rat weaners every 7 days without fail. She was a slow starter to begin with but...
  4. Off Topic Classifieds
    Hi, I am moving out into a flat with my boyfreind on 6th April, so I am therefore forced to sell some clothes/shoes/bits & bobs :blush: I have a lovely F Hinds, 1/4 caret silver ring, in size K for sale. I have never worn this, it comes in its box. Cost £120 new. Need to sell ASAP...
  5. Lizard Pictures
    Hello all! I have recently rescued an unloved beardie named: Izzy, she loves the comfort and interaction of people, and she loves pets. Below are a few 'lizard comforts' of izzy :lol2: but anyways, enjoy and post your opinions of her for a rescue! Izzy :flrt: Please share your images...
  6. Snakes
    I love ratsnakes, and after getting some corns, I've been looking at other members of the ratsnake family. I found a couple of lovely looking ratsnakes, but was wondering what else there is out there? Red tailed Ratsnake Thai Red Bamboo Ratsnake White Sided Ratsnake So what other...
  7. Snakes
    Calcifer is my darling little Bredli python, they arent the greatest of pictures he didnt want to sit still this evening. :flrt::flrt:
  8. Snakes
    Introducing the latest addition to my locality boa collection, she is a Longicauda boa. I dont think there is very many of these around the UK picked up this girl from the Hamm show this weekend. I also picked up a Viper boa no pictures of her tho as the first 6 months alot of them...
  9. Off Topic Classifieds
    Juicy Couture | Starter Necklace, Silvertone Will take £25 inc p&p on this. 100% real, i dont do fakes :flrt: swaps for doggie things, clothes ECT i have a teacup Pom girl.
  10. Snake Pictures
    Got some shots of pennywise this morning when she was in her dark phase hope you like them as the OH got his first snake bite taking her out for them. She is a right moody cow :lol2: I love how the dark phase really shows off just how pink she is :flrt:
  11. Snakes
    I just thought i'd post a few pic's of him He looks like a very pretty boa, just wondering if he's anything special? :2thumb:
1-11 of 11 Results