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  1. Snakes
    Just wondered if anyone watched that Natures weirdest events program on BBC last night? They did a section about two headed snakes that got me thinking, they basically said that two headed snakes are highly prized by collectors and snake enthusiasts. But I always thought these were usually...
  2. Snakes
    Hey guys Just thought I would let you all know that there will be a new snake program on animal planet called Snakskin from the advert it looks like a family that own a small snake rescue and education center... Its there people here: Snakes of Georgia Venomous snakes reptile removal of...
  3. Other Pets and Exotics
    well itv is at it again next wednesday there is going to be wait for it..... episode 2 of super tiny animals???!!!!!:bash: saw and advert for it today and my first thought was their repeating the stupid show except i noticed ad was slightly different and showed couple different animals one of...
1-3 of 3 Results