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    2014 Male VPI Axanthic Royal Python, proven breeder, 840g, defrost rat feeder, great snake doing everything he should, surplus to my breeding plans. £150 Collection from Plymouth or can courier at buyers expense.
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    Hi, Regrettable sale of my lovely quality female bumblebee het hypo (pastel x spider & 100% het orange ghost - proven breeder). This female has produced some lovely clutches for me over the last few years including several 4 & 5 gene snakes including some very pretty visual hypo combos,so the...
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    She is around 5 years old and is around 10 foot. She has a good temperament for an anaconda and can be handled. She can be a bit stroppy at times but cools down once she has been on the Viv for a couple of minutes. Looking for £250 for her or I am willing to do a swap for other reptiles like...
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    Proven Female Pastel 1, with funky pattern. Strike feeds on D/F jumbo mice. Laid 5 eggs which hatched 10/05/16 and weighs 1600 grams and putting weight on. Sold to me as a het pied but hasn't proved out so I'm moving on. £125. 0.1 Proven ButterBee. Laid 6 healthy eggs on 17/04/16...
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    Hi I have the following for sale: Brazilian Rainbow Boas 2 female 1 male? One of the females is proven, (females poss gravid now) - £200 each £450 trio Albino Honduran milksnakes - Proven breeding pair £100 (2008) Tri colour triple het. milksnake - female - £60 (2010) Honduran milksnake - female...
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    Unrelated pair of Royal pythons. Male cb11 visual albino, proven breeder. Feeds really well on defrost rats over summer months, does fast over winter (usually around october-March). Great temperament and doing everything he should. Around 1150g. Female cb14 100% het albino with paperwork...
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    CB10 pastel female, approx 1700g, £120 CB11 enchi male, approx 1500g, £100 both proven breeders
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    Still available, Adult female Isle E leachianus £350-no offers or £450 with 90x45x90 exo terra and hood with uv bulbs and plants etc 2 adult female proven breeder mack radars- £150 for both -no offers then ill list equipment after that which will include 60x45x45 exo terra, 45x45x50 exo terra...
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    - 2kg Female Pastel Royal 'Africa' - Captive Bred - Age unknown but suspect CB10 - Feeds sheds and poos fine - Experienced keepers only please. This is a breeding animal from Crystal Palace Reptiles and is not comfortable with lots of handling (although I have dedicated time to handling and...
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    Greetings everyone, I have some top quality ball pythons for sale - best prices! -> shipping to UK is not possible, pickup is in Hamm in December CB2014: 2.0 Enchi Lesser - 150€ 6.1 Fire Pinstripe - 120€/200€ 1.0 Spark het Candy 750€ 1.0 Butter Bee - 150€ 1.1 Enchi - 60€/100€ 3.2 Fire -...
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    Hi, I'm after a breeder/proven female royal....... Any morph considered...... Cash waiting. Thanks Gavin
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    No longer figures in my breeding plans (I have a hypo sonoran and salmon cherry bomb from Vin Russo both 100% het leopard). He is about 3.5 feet long, feeds with no issues and breeds, father of litter of 13 healthy babies this year. Purchased direct from Hans Winner and comes with photographic...
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    Excellent breeder, but no longer figures in my plans. Can courier for £50, deliver for cost of fuel or you can collect. Weighs 1.66 KG
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    Hi there We currently have an Adult Male 2007 Yellow Belly Royal Python for sale He is a PROVEN Breeder by us but regrettably is no longer in our breeding plans We are looking for £120 FIRM for him and this is our BEST price. This beauty creates almost Enchi Like Banded Yellow Bellys...
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    I have 2 males for sale both proven breeders 1 butter 1400gs does every think he should £125 2pinstripe het ghost does everythink he should £125 any ? please pm me im in bham
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    Here for sale is our twice proven male blackpastel he is 100% het orange ghost. In perfect health and condition he is captivebred and hatched in 2010 Does everything he should. Handles perfectly Loves the ladies and I have his daughters to prove it lol Price is £160 firm Can...
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    For sale is a proven breeder 2009 female cinnamon, who laid 6 eggs last year. She weighs around 1700g and eats rats. Up for £325 no offers.
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    Adult male Carolina corn, proven breeder, sired last years litter! Lovely temperament really chilled out. I am unsure how old this snake is as was passed on to me.
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    Nice reduced pattern female normal royal proven breeder. Laid 7 eggs in June. weighs approximately 1600g Eats defrost medium rats. sheds and defecates as should. Collection or courier welcome at buyers expense.
1-20 of 75 Results