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    Selling a female Large Juvenile / small Sub-Adult Grammastola Pulchra 12/13cm legspan Aka G.Pulchra, Brazilian Black Tarantula. Great size as they're very interesting to look at but still plenty of growth left to go. (I owned over 100 T's at one point but moved country) Bought them Sexed as...
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    both about 7.5 inch legspan as of last april, L.P has had one molt since then so probably slightly bigger. in inverness,buyer collects. reluctant sale due to financial pressure. £120 for g.pulchra, £50 for l.p
  3. Invert Classifieds
    Adult female pulchra £80 Juvenile unsexed iheringi - £60 Both with glass tanks Collection Leamington Spa
  4. Invert Classifieds
    Looking for a small G pulchra, doesn't matter about sex. Ta Jon:flrt:
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    Looking for a sub-adult or adult female G pulchra (Brazilian black) or Brachypelma albiceps (Mexican gold red rump) I advertised for these a few weeks ago but was unable to stay alert on here due to ill health -my apologies!! I am based in the Midlands and collection would be preferred If you...
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    Wanting an adult female or sub-adult female: -Brachypelma albiceps -G Pulcrha Good money offered! Thanks!:flrt:
  7. Snake Classifieds
    Amazing small sized snakes, not seen very often. Feeding perfectly. Pretty straight forward to keep. Common Names: Yunnan Mountain Ratsnake Scientific Name: Oreocryptophis porphyraceus pulchra First Described: SCHMIDT, 1925 Adult Size: 80-90cm Temperament: Shy & Secretive Temperature...
  8. Spiders and Inverts
    I bought my first T a couple of weeks ago, a Brazilian Black, as after all the research this was one of the 'best beginners' and a local shop had them in stock. I know this is such a newbie question but... after having it a week it had covered the entrance to it's burrow. It never accepted...
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    4 x 2” Brazilian black £15 each 1x 3.75” l.p £12 1x AF e trunculentus £20 1x 3"curly hair £12 1 sericopelma sp Santa Catalina 3.5-4" £50 Pay by paypal gift or add 5% for fees Cash on collection Postage is £10 with poly box and heat pack
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    Reposting due to rfuk not letting me edit original post. Postage £5.50 Females Pamphobeteus sp. Platyomma big girl £89 L. Parahybana well over 7" and in premolt £59 G. Pulchra £69 G. Pulchripes possibly gravid £45 G. Rosea rcf £18 G. Rosea ncf £20 N. Chromatus SaF £38 H. Gigas SAF £27...
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    Grammastola Pulchra SAF. 2.5 inches £50 G. Iherengi. SAF 5 inches. £80 Euathlus Sp. Violet Adult Female 4 inches £50 Euathlus Pulcherrimaklaasi Blue Femur SAF 3.5 inches £50 Paraphysa Pygmae. Adult Female 2 inches. £30 Phormictopus cancerides Haitian Brown 4 inches Not sure of sex...
  12. Invert Classifieds
    I have an adult female grammostola pulchra (brazilian black) for sale. £80.00 including shipping, and will give enclosure away for free if collecting. very friendly and very handleable, as friendly as you could ask for from a g. pulchra. pic: View image: 819154 10151259887596053 392909709 o
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    G. Pulchra (Brazilian Black) 1inch leg span £15 image by PythonJD, on Flickr L. Parahybana (Salmon Pink Birdeater 2inch leg span £15 image by PythonJD, on Flickr
  14. Spiders and Inverts
    Just your experiences of keeping above, really. Preferences, feeding 'habits', docility (yes know they're both 'ok'), handling (we do like to interact on occasion, so no debate needed lol), hardiness bla bla. Personal experiences & thoughts about these 'rocks' lol.😊
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    For Sale Unsexed unless stated, measurements are DLS. P&P £8 RMSD Paypal,Bank Transfer or Cash on collection from B31 No Trades! Female P. metallica 15cm £130 Female M.robustum 9cm £35 Female A.belindae 10cm £50 Female/Male pair C.andersoni F8cm/M6cm £45 the pair, will not split P. metallica...
  16. Invert Classifieds
    Prices of a few, unsexed unless stated, paypal, bank transfer or cash on collection from B31. P&P £8 PM questions 0.1.1 P.metallica 15 cm female £130 Juvi 7cm £60 delivered. 0.0.2 M.balfouri 3cm £20 0.0.27 B.annitha 1cm True not hybrid £15 0.0.10 Pseudohapalopos sp "blue" 0.5cm £15 0.0.10...
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    list for sale it will be collection only from stafford im affriad sub adult female GBB (sexed via molt by me) sub adult female Nhandu chromatus (sexed via molt by Terraxenesthis) large juvi A. geniculata unsexed but due molt large juvi L. klugi unsexed but due molt 3 x 4cm G. pulchra £120.ono...
  18. Breeding Loans
    adult, matured G. rosea red £15 G. pulchra £35 delivery special next day with heat pack £8 call or text 07969 247 917 [email protected]
  19. Invert Classifieds
    As the title says...looking for these upto and including adults. Cheers
  20. Spiders and Inverts
    So I've got a couple of juvi G. pulchra, both of which just moulted. The female however has done something weird. She's been jet black for well over a year and a half, maybe two years but this last moult, her legs and prosoma have come out a red-brown-grey colouration, while her abdomen is...
1-20 of 52 Results