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pulse proportional stat
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    Hi, I will be acquiring a couple of Indian Star tortoises, hopefully this week. They are currently together in a vivarium, but I am looking at building them a tortoise table each. I have no idea what kind of lighting/equipment they currently have in their set up, so am looking at buying...
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    Reptile radiators Four Habistat reptile rad***8217;s, 75W. Only slight used, good working order £35 each Pulse proportional stats Three Habistat pulse proportional stats, 600W. Good working order, only slight use, £25 each Mat Stat One Microclimate Mat Stat. Good working order. £10 Two...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Looking for a cheap pulse stat please, seen them going for around £20 so around that mark. Willing to pay postage. In Gloucester if anyone local has one.
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    As above I am looking for 2 habistat pulse proportionate thermostat Harry
  5. Equipment Classifieds
    hi i am after 1 x pulse stat 4 x guards for ceramic heaters 1 x ahs 250 watt heater guard 1 x large cricket pen 1 x small cricket pen 1 x cricket feeder ( like a Exo Terra Termite Hill ) 3 x uvb 2.0 tubes and power supply's plants and hides and i would like these to be posted as i dont drive...
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    i am selling off some of my unused equipment. it is all in perfect condition and working order. i will post royal mail 2nd class, i will quote you a price depending on what you want. pm me if you are interested. 1. pulse proportional thermostat. £25 2. x2 heat mats £8 each -39 by 27.5 cm...
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    Selling off a large portion of my equipment. All is in good condition and working order. I will post royal mail 2nd class. cost depends on the items bought i will quote you on request. All needs to go quickly so i am open to offers. 1. Homemade incubator: large polystyrene box with an 20w...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    I have the following items for sale: 1x Habistat Pulse stat (excellent condition) 1x 11" x 11" heat mat (excellent condition) 1x 11" x 47" heat mat (Good condition) 12m of heat cable (only used once excellent condition) 1x digital thermometer ( excellent condition) All of this for just £50...
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    As the title says for sale is a Habistat Pulse proportional Stat, virtually brand new, just got the wrong stat. £20 will post at coat, or buyer can collect from coventry
  10. Snakes
    I just tried a new ceramic bulb with a fairly old Pulse thermostat. When I switched it on it was working fine. When I came back to check the temperatures an hour later the bulb was no longer working and neither was the stat! The stat light comes on even at the lowest setting, way below even room...
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    got a MicroClimate pulse proportional stat. 600w. only used once last year on my homemade incubator, so its in very good condition. just been under bed since lol.. asking £30.00..
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    For sale: Pulse Proportional Thermostat, unused, comes with original box and instructions. Perfect condition. Ceramic Heat Emitter, unused, perfect condition £50 together, will sell separately if required, PM me offers. Advertising elsewhere, so may sell on other website. Contact me for...
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    Hi wanting a pulse stat pref 600w habistat Within 20 miles please Cheers dave
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    Hi Due to being messed about :sad: :bash: I am in urgent need of the following at reasonable prices. Please note I will ONLY pay by PAYPAL but obviously will pay for first class postage Pulse prop stat Max min dual probe thermometer Vivarium lock Bulb guard for ceramic bulb Please help...
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    Habistat Pulse Proportional Thermostat 600w £28 plus postage only used once for two months in my incubator
1-15 of 15 Results