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pygmy hedgehogs
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    Experienced hobby breeder of over 5 years . Pygmy hedgehogs ,, 4 males ,3 female 8 weeks on 21st may ,,Am taking £50 deposit to reserve ,,of final price , all come with health guarantees ,, zoo zone 2 cage homes new £60 . I abide by the UKAPH regulations to ensure all my hedgehogs...
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    Boy split face 12 weeks full papers comes with home only sell with 2 ft square homes £150 ,,,,girl chocolate 6 months full papers 2 ft square home£150 ,,, both homes can sit on top of each other collect Christchurch Dorset price each £150
  3. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Young african pygmy hedgehogs Females for sale (salt-&-pepper) £90 each
  4. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    ukaphr Registered only not related to mine , babies if possible boys or girls looking for browns , cinnacot, cinnamon ,if pinto in fine ,dark eyes be nice just any unusual colors please , I have a few and experienced in the keeping of them , thanks for reading sarah
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    3 African pygmy hogs for sale 2 girls chocolate pinto and brown 1 boy brown very friendly care sheet and food sample given hogs registered full aftercare. Chris 07584294632
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    ready second week in march when they will be 7 weeks old african pygmy hedgehogs will be ukaph registered. may consider swaps for dart frogs or pygmy chameleons.
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    baby pygmy hedgehogs ready 8 weeks 24th Jan 2013 mum is choc pinto , dad is the same colour, a hobby reg breeder of African pygmy hedgehogs. fully reg UKAPHR, they will be handled daily so they are not huffy and are happy to be held. My babies are used to the usual household noises including...
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    we have baby pygmy hedgehogs not ready till 8 weeks 24th Jan 2013 mum is choc pinto , dad is the same colour , they are 2 young to look as yet what we have ,am a hobby reg breeder of African pygmy hedgehogs.all are fully reg UKAPHR, they will be handled daily so they are not huffy and are happy...
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    I have a 10month old, male, albino APH which I reluctantly have to sell due to me moving and being unable to take him with me :( Asking for £150 and will also include the plastic box he was kept in (32cm by 70cm, 24cm high) with flying saucer running wheel, H2O bottle, food bowl + toy. Healthy...
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    Details Price:£125 eachSex:Female Breed:aph hedgehogs Current Age:10 months Description all breeding weight and age[10mths],all clean,healthy,not overweight,,1 albino,,1 cinnimon,,1 chocolate..they can come with their vivs and wheels at an extra cost,,vivs are nd 3ft by 2ft by 18 inch high...
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    I've kept a male pygmy hedgehog for about 4 months now and today I brought home the sweetest female hoglet. I'm keeping them in separate cages across the room for eachother. They've both finally woke up and are running around their cages but my male is going crazy! He can obviously smell my...
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    Hi I have two pygmy hedgehogs who are about 14 months old, £100 each, male and female, both lovely hoggies. Male is chocolate algerian and female is chocolate pinto. Pet homes only. I had these when babies but due to ill health cannot spend as much time with them as they are used to so...
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    i really really want a pygmy hedgehog, but am not prepared to spend too much money for one! :P
  14. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Two pygmy hedgehogs for sale, this is through no fault of their own. It is only as i have developed an allergy to them that i need to find them new loving homes. One cinnamon female U.K.A.P.H registered, 1.5 years old very sweet. One albino female not currently registered but happy to do this...
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    Below is my previous post regarding these hogs :-) Have now decided to split and sell in two lots. Adult pair with two tanks all equipment £300 Extra indoor hutch £25. Single older female with zoozone £100 Please pm for more details. This is a very sad sale of my three pygmy hedgehogs...
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    Adult breeding pair of african pygmy hedgehogs proven breeders 18 months old female is albino male is pinto in perfect health and look lovely, we also have there 3 babies who are ready to go now, adults will accept no less than £200 the pair hoglets £ 120 each photo avaliable on request if you...
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    We were going to keep these two and they are hold-backs from our last litter, but we have decided to let them go. We have a male and a female champagne african pygmy hedgehogs for sale, The male we will let go for £100, and the female for £150. We had loads of interest in these when we put them...
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    Unfortunatly due to work commitments i have 2 african pygmy hedgehogs to sell. hedgehog 1 is a apricot male born 16/5/2010. hedgehog 2 is a female albino born 22/11/2010. Both are uk registared. Both come with a large cage each and water bowl. They are lovley pets and are tame. Must go to a good...
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    We have two lovely Female African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale they where born on 10/4/10. One is brown and the other is grey. Very friendly and like to be handled. They are the right age to breed. For sale as we are down sizing. They are UKAPHR reg. £145 each
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    As above i am looking for a breeding trio of these beautiful little critters or just singles at a good price thanks for looking :2thumb:
1-20 of 21 Results