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    Female royal python she is 3 gene leopard , enchi , pastel not many of these around feeding on defrost shedding and pooing as she should we are located in west midlands she is £295
  2. Reptile Classifieds - Exotics for Sale and Wanted
    15 yr old, 5 ft Royal Python (Ball python) Owner is Exploring options for rehoming family pet now teenagers have left home. He is well cared for, handled and fed regularly, is a healthy, good natured and gentle snake. He has not had the attention he deserves lately and I am now exploring a new...
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    Pair of unrelated UK captive bred 2018 Pygmy pythons Antaresia perthensis feeding and growing well.
  4. Snakes
    had him for a week now still a baby would like to ideas to help handling him
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    This is hard enough as it is but i'm going to be letting my tiger girl go,I think sometimes it's where you have to let your heart stop ruling your head, she is just around 2 years old around 9ft mark eats sheds and poo's all fine,she is a classic tiger and a very good looker, she can be a little...
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    Looking for a female macklots preferably breeding age but not necessary. Cash waiting!:2thumb:
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    very tame adult male super dwarf reticulated python poos sheds as normal only selling him as he was sold to me as a she lol
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    I have a CB11 7.5' Male Super Dwarf Reticulated Python very friendly eats and poos fine for sale or swap for female dwarf please pm me with your offer if your interested pics to come:no1:
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    Male Bredlis python. Eats like a pig and has full sheds with no problem. Unsure of age but from his size we think he's around 2. he is temperamental and will bite if given the option. He will require an experienced owner. does not come with viv as its built into my wall. £60. will consider...
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    Pair of Bredlis pythons for sale. Believed to be male and female but not proven. Both eat like pigs and have full sheds with no problem. Female is CB13 and around 7ft mark. She can be handled by a confident owner. Unsure of males age but from his size we think he's around 2. He is temperamental...
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    7 month old albino burm. Not been handled much so a little feisty. Pounds down large weiners. Sheds and poos as she should. Comes with 3ft monkfield viv £125 or on her own for £70. No swaps gutted to see her go but moving from a big house to tiny flat
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    Hello, Bargain offer all animals for 450£ Hi all 0,1 Pewter Bee 2014 500 g 0,1 Pewter 2014 530 g 0,1 Butter Cinny 2014 670 g 0,1 Pastave 2014 1 kg 0,1 Het Albino 2012 2,2 kg 0,1 Lesser Pastel 2014 780 g 0,1 Phantom 2014 680 g 1,0 Granite 2014 07443595027 Only text please Pick up from...
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    Hi All, I will be attending the doncaster show next Sunday. Please see a list below of what I will be selling; 2x Female Brazilian Rainbow Boas - cb2006 - £120ea 1x Female Diamond Python - cb2007- £900 pair 2x Male Blackheaded Pythons - cb2007 - £450ea Spotted Pythons - cb2015- £75ea or...
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    stunning cb15 female platty het albino available, collection welcome or can courier from £45 (uk only), please pm only.
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    A selection of royals for sale, please PM for more information or any queries. Happy to help :) 2014 Enchi Spinnerblast £800 Spinnerblast £295 Enchi Spinner £320 Spinner £115 Stingerbee £145 Queenspin £750 Lesserbee £100 Dragonfly £275 Fire Spinner £175 Fire Pinstripe £175 Fire £75 Mojave...
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    This and my female pinstripe(£100ono) is the only two I have left from what I bread this year, not a problem feeding from day one strike feeds I started on mice but moved on to rats. Anymore info ring me on 07429300957
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    for sale I have two royals and a complete rack system. both the royals are male and are very well started the only reason for sale is they don’t fit into my plans for the future and I don’t really want to part with them but have limited space at the moment. Male one is a late cb12 pastel orange...
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    i have decided to take a step back from the reptile world for a couple years or more for various reason, mostly because i want to travel and the retics are holding me back, so i have the following for sale. all retics are great examples in perfect health and silly tame, obviously no trades...
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    hi all ive got a female coastal carpet python shes around 13/14 month old good feeder poos fine sheds fine only thing is she can be viv defensive at time but once out shes putty in your hands like a puppy asking 50 pound or swap for a royal python can not deliver as dont drive in in...
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    Hi. as stated above i am looking for a large female royal within 50 miles of Gloucester Thanks
1-20 of 31 Results