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    We have just purchased a male albino Burmese python, been told his is CB18 (3 years old, so early 18). He measures 5 and a half foot to 6 foot in length. Been told that he could possibly have dwarf in him. All the information online says that dwarfs grow to about 8 Foot, is it a possibility that...
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    Cb20 spotted pythons 4 available Nice colour and patterns Feeding well on pinkies. £110 each deals on multiples. Courier can be arranged. PM for more info. Pics can be sent via WhatsApp
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    Hello, new here :2thumb: Just rehomed a male royal python he is 3ft long and has been fed on rat weaners weekly. He is currently settling in his new home so I have not had a chance to get him out but heres a few pictures when I brought him home. I noticed there appears to be skin folds where...
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    Morelia Spilota - Carpet Python Albino zebra Female 2018 800gr (very good size for her age) Perfect health, eats without problem. Change of plans and no breeding project for her. Thank you
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    I am looking for a new home for our much loved male dwarf burmese python we rescued several years ago when he was in an absolute state, he is an extremely sweet boy despite having been through the trenches, he is not to be used for breeding but would be a truly wonderful pet for anyone who has...
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    Pair of pure diamond pythons (Morelia spilota spilota), bred in Germany. Four years old and about 4-5ft long. Great feeders. Cooled each winter.
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    For sale: - CB15 0.1 Morelia bredli, 66% genetic stripe - £200 - CBUK (a rescue. Looks to be CB13-14) 1.0 Morelia bredli - £100 - CB16 1.0 Morelia spilota sp., albino- £100 Please PM for images and further details.
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    Male and female Olive pythons (Liasis olivaceus) ready to go after a few feeds. Willing to start negotiating sales. Can courier anywhere in UK, or pick up from basingstoke. Male: £220 Female: £250 Pair: £450 PM for more info and pics. Even more animals available on our Facebook page...
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    iI wanna buy royal python and keep him in glass terrarium from exo terra and in shop they told me that in uk i cannot keep him in glass one and i need to buy wooden vivarium.can someone tell me why couse lady in shop was rude and dont want to answer thank you
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    Like in the title guys I'm looking for a baby girl for my male royal python Hodor. The lady can be a 100% het for ghost, but i much rather have the visual.
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    Hi, I have for sale a variety of high quality royals, all of which were hatched by myself. Late CB'19 hatchlings: - Butter Pastel Fire Leopard male 195 grams £275 - Pastel Lesser Spotnose 100% het Clown female 355 grams £395 - Pastel Fire Spotnose female 297 grams £175 - Pastel Leopard...
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    Finally pulled my finger out today on my day off work and sorted out my Royals new viv. She will most likely eventually be upgraded to a 5ft for plenty of space, but for now this is a 3x2x2, so it should do her fine. Also testing out my lighting solution, I didn't want a huge long UV bulb in...
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    Hi, I'm looking to sell my adult male royal python. I'm 99% certain he's a male (had him sexed by an experienced snake owner). I've had him since he was born but unfortunately am running out of room in the house. I'll be sad to see him go, but I used to be a regular poster on here so know that...
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    Had my little girl out the other day for a swim and some exercise, she does enjoy the water, so think I will try and sort her a little pool out in her full size viv when she moves up. Hope you like. Look Dad, I'm a croc. :Na_Na_Na_Na: Pretty eyes. Heat pits details.
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    Many years ago I had African rock pythons and have been thinking for a while now it would be good to have one again. So although we cannot travel at mo I was wondering is there anyone on here who breeds African rocks? As once we come out the other side of this I maybe looking to get one. Any...
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    No this isn't a "what morph is it" or "do I have a super rare snake that looks like a normal/classic" But I've had my little lady for over a year now and she is still as yet untitled. I thought it might be fun while most of you are at home bored, to give me some name suggestions. Sensible ones...
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    I have welded up my frame already for a 2'x4' and 2'deep enclosure for a Sumatran python. What thickness glass would yall recommend. The way I built the frame the largest piece would only be 2'x2' Thanks
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    seen some flaky scales on the belly of the retic could this be due to not enough humidity humidity is at 38% temps are 92 basking spot and 80 in cold end
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    I'm looking for Juvenile or adult Indian python, either sex. I would consider a pair, or if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    I have been looking at getting a dwarf or half dwarf burm for some time. i have a setup ready and now just looking for the right animal. Let me know if you have anything available. thanks in advance, Elliott