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    I have ready for their new homes a beautiful clutch of high white pieds and het pieds. 2 high white females, 2 high white males. 1 het male, 1 het female. All eating defrost rats and growing nicely. Pics are available by email. Female pied £250 Male pied £200 each Het pied £25...
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    Excellent male Champ for sale. Perfect health, eats , sheds etc without issue. Pickup from IP14. £95. Pics available via email.
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    The females were part of my holdback group but I have decided to let some go. Male scaleless head pastel 250g Female scaleless head pinstripe 540g Female scaleless head yellowbelly 460g Female scaleless head pinstripe Yellowbelly 610g All doing everything they should and all also 50% poss het...
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    Sold to me as a CB17 male, he's not been used for breeding, but kept as a pet. Slow grown. Currently feeding him on small rats. Very enthusiastic eater. He's currently housed in a 50L RUB which you can have along with his current accessories. Temperament wise, he has bit at my fingers a few...
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    Female pure darwin proven breeder direct from uk pythons will include paperwork 100% het albino 5 years old feeding on defrost rats £450
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    I have for sale my proven pair of adult Burmese pythons, the female is an albino 7 years old and is 11ft, the male is a hypo het albino 9ft 6-year-old. They both eat shed and defecate with no issues and are easy to handle. Any further questions please get in touch.
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    1.0 2013 coral motley reticulated python 14.7 ft / 450 cm approx. double visual het , het white , het foulsham caramel from imperial retics 2013 animal super chill animal , tame friendly , a perfect specimen , lean and athletic as a retic should be he produced worlds firsts in 2016/17 im...
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    Making these Royals available as follows 1x banana pastel male £110 2x banana males £90 SOLD x 2 1x enchi banana female maker male £130 SOLD 1x soul sucker male £200 1x bamboo lesser pastel BEL female £200 SOLD 1x Enchi Bee Male (possible YB) (Really Funny feeder) £30 or free with any of the...
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    For Sale: Young (2-3 month) female reticulated python. Marble pos. with 66% Het. Anthrax. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am no longer able to keep this beautiful snake. Looking for a good and loving home. Snake is approximately 24" long and is on a weekly feeding schedule of adult...
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    Due to an upcoming move abroad my partner and I are forced to find a new home for our Royal Python 'Monty'. He's a great pet, never snappy/aggressive at all and loves to come out of his viv and explore everywhere! He's healthy, eating/shedding fine and is active in the evenings/nights. He...
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    I have available a LP V150 rack. This rack is 7 tall and suitable for breeding boas and semi large pythons. LP offer this rack direct for roughly £1400for a 6 tall version. This rack will be available shortly once cleaned and dismantled. Comes with all heating and thermostats Collection...
  12. Equipment & Supplies
    I have available a LP V150 rack. This rack is 7 tall and suitable for breeding boas and semi large pythons. LP offer this rack direct for roughly £1400for a 6 tall version. This rack will be available shortly once cleaned and dismantled. Collection from Lincolnshire or courier at buyers...
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    Hello I am pretty new to these forums but I would like to form a Snapchat group chat with anyone interested to share pictures, advice, etc. Google is fine for learning but I much prefer conversing with people and actually hearing about their experience owning snakes! I have a ball python and 5...
  14. Snakes
    We have just purchased a male albino Burmese python, been told his is CB18 (3 years old, so early 18). He measures 5 and a half foot to 6 foot in length. Been told that he could possibly have dwarf in him. All the information online says that dwarfs grow to about 8 Foot, is it a possibility that...
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    Cb20 spotted pythons 4 available Nice colour and patterns Feeding well on pinkies. £110 each deals on multiples. Courier can be arranged. PM for more info. Pics can be sent via WhatsApp
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    Hello, new here :2thumb: Just rehomed a male royal python he is 3ft long and has been fed on rat weaners weekly. He is currently settling in his new home so I have not had a chance to get him out but heres a few pictures when I brought him home. I noticed there appears to be skin folds where...
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    Morelia Spilota - Carpet Python Albino zebra Female 2018 800gr (very good size for her age) Perfect health, eats without problem. Change of plans and no breeding project for her. Thank you
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    I am looking for a new home for our much loved male dwarf burmese python we rescued several years ago when he was in an absolute state, he is an extremely sweet boy despite having been through the trenches, he is not to be used for breeding but would be a truly wonderful pet for anyone who has...
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    Pair of pure diamond pythons (Morelia spilota spilota), bred in Germany. Four years old and about 4-5ft long. Great feeders. Cooled each winter.
1-19 of 500 Results