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    0.4.0 Phelsuma Quadriocellata For Sale. £60.00 each. 2 are 3 years of age. 2 are 1.5 years of age. All are very healthy. Collection only. PM me for any further details as this will notify me on my phone - meaning a quicker response.
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    I was lucky enough to pick up a stunning pair of Peacock Day Geckos from Sophiemb yesterday. They settled in straight away and are really active phelsuma, which are always out showing off their stunning colours. I managed to get a quick photo of the female through the glass with my phone, it...
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    Basically as the title says looking for a female peacock day gecko (phlesuma quadriocellata) to go with a male I am getting soon. Any breeders out there have any? pm me or let me know if you do. If there's anyway you can get to my area i will happily pay patrol money and give you a cup of tea...
  4. Lizards
    I want to build myself an enclosure to house a couple of the smaller Phelsuma gecko species, preferably the Klemmeri or Quadriocellata and i'm finding some "contradicting" information regarding the size of the enclosure. I've seen sizes of 30*30*45 (centimetres) upto 70*50*80 (centimetres)...
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    I purchased a pair of peacock day geckos a few months ago but the female doesnt look like other females i have seen, any suggestions? Heres some pictures of the female Heres a picture of the male and this is what i thought all peacocks looked like
1-5 of 5 Results