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    All doing as they should and taking defrost rats, can deliver within reason :) 1.0= males 0.1= females 0.1 fire yellowbelly 480g cb17 £135 0.1 vanilla fire 760g cb16 £230 1.0 soulsucker spinner 1030g cb15 £325 0.1 queenbee 915g cb15 £175 (aggresive) 1.0 mojave/lesser 1300g cb15 £245 looking...
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    Hi i have the available royals for sale or trade for clown/pied stuff, all doing as they should :) Pictures on request can whatsapp if easier... 1.0 = male 0.1 = female 0.1 fire yellowbelly 450grams £150 0.1 queenbee 900grams £225 (aggressive) 0.1 vanilla cream 450grams £225 1.0 lesser...
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    Hi, I have ready for sale a nice queenbee male (pastel X lesser X spider) which is also 66% poss het orange ghost (hypo). Hatched:21/8/17 Current weight: 145 grams Good temperament/handles well, and no head wobble issues. Strike feeding well and consistently on defrost rat pups & fuzzys...
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    Dragonfly about 1600g Queenbee about 1100g Doing all they should £450 the pair
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    Doing as she should at about 1kg. Pics available by email.
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    Hi all, I have the following Royals for sale and made them up in groups. GROUP1 £200 CB12 Lesser male £100 CB13 Enchi female £120 CB13 Normal female £20 GROUP2 £600 CB12 QueenBee male £250 CB11 Normal male £10 CB12 Spinner Blast female £300 CB13 Sterling female £250 CB12 Normal female £50...
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    Mega Christmas deal.!!! CB14 Male Queenbee Doing all that he should. Pickup from IP14 1LJ or couriered at your expense. Pics by email. £200 !!! Final reduction or he's staying...
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    Up for a Christmas deal..!! CB14 Male Queenbee + 1.4kg Normal female. Make your own Queens, Bumbles, lessers etc. pictures available by email on request. Pickup from ip141lj or couriered at your expence. £325
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    Super Sunday Special.... Offer 1.. Male Queenbee, Female Lesser. £300 Offer 2.. Male Spider, Female Pastel. £100 These combos will both make some awesome babes or just make great pets. All are this yrs hatchlings and are ready for new homes. These are pickup...
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    Bargain price for a CB14 male Queenbee. Spider, Lesser ,Pastel. Pics available by email. Courier welcomed at your cost.
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    Discounted Royals for sale. Doing all they should on frozen/defrost Hatchlings, 1.1 Queenbee £350/400 1.0 Superpastel £135 0.1 Lesser pastel £175 Adults, 0.1 Spider (no wobble) 1.1 kg £165 0.1 Normal 1.1kg £30 Delivery possible or pickup from IP14 1LJPics on request by email.
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    Cb14 hatchlings now ready. All doing well on frozen/defrost. Bred by me and available for pickup at IP14 1LJ or courier available at your cost. 1.0 Lesser Pastel £150 1.0 Queenbee £400 0.1 Bumblebee £225 All weighing 100g+
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    1 normal, 1 spider... zero head wobble. Both bred by me CB13. On frozen/defrost. Both weighing 1.1kg. Normal £70 Spider £ 190. Pics on request by email. This year's hatchlings ready soon. Queenbees, lessers, spider and a bright bumblebee.
  14. Snakes
    2 females for sale. Both doing all they should on frozen/ defrost. Both weighing 1.1kg and bred by me. Pics available by email on request. 1 spider and 1 normal. Spider has zero head wobble. pick up from IP14 1LJ spider £190 CB13 Normal £70 CB13 Also this yr hatchling available soon...
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    I have 1 x Queenbee female CB14 £400 2 x Lesserbee males CB14 £150 each Feeding well on defrost mice 10% deposit to hold
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    1 x Male CB 2013 normal royal python £40 CB14 royals pythons £30 males £40 females 1 x Male CB09 Orange Ghost £100 (proven) noah line compatible with NERD hypo and most orange ghost lines 1 x female lesser bee CB14 £250 on hold 1 X Male lesser platinum CB14 £80 2 x Female Queenbee...
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    Hatchling Male / Female Born Price Discounted Price Code Het Pied 100% Male Jul-13 £70.00 £56.00 113 Pastel Male May-13 £50.00 £40.00 124 Killerbee Mojave Male Jul-13 £780.00 £624.00 148 Pastave Male Jul-13 £200.00 £160.00 149 Killer Queen Bee Female Jul-13 £950.00 £760.00 154...
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    The first of my 2013 hatchlings are ready to go! All are healthy and strike feeding on large d/f mice. No trades please! Collection from Croydon (South London), can meet locally or buyer can arrange their own courier if needed. Please do PM me with any questions, more pics available on...
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    The first of my 2013 hatchlings are ready to go & also downsizing my collection in general. Scroll down for pics & weights No trades please! Collection from Croydon (South London), can meet locally or buyer can arrange their own courier if needed. Please do PM me with any questions, more pics...
1-19 of 35 Results