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    Selling a used pretty good condition nitro radio control buggy It has a 15 engine and just needs fuel and batteries charging Has usual scratches on bottom from use Comes with chargers glo starter and box of bits and bobs ie spare xtals shell etc Looking for £90 ono will also swap for leopard...
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    We are selling our CB radio plus accessories on Ebay, complete set-up ready to use as soon as it arrives! In perfect working order, only 8 hours left! A very good bargain up for grabs! ~ Kernow cb radio,ariel,pre-amp,patch lead,EXT speaker on eBay (end time 01-Apr-11 19:30:57 BST) Thank you...
  3. Snakes
    hi guys, i'm makeing my own little radio station, call reptile radio uk, would you guys want me to include in it? you can find it by: 1. Open up any MP3 player that supports MP3 streams, such as iTunes or QuickTime. 2. Look for an option such as Open Stream or Open URL/Location. 3. Enter...
  4. Snakes
    Hi guys, can anyone remind me what date the 'Rony Robinson' show with the APA guy etc on it please? I want to listen to it but forgot what day it was on, and don't want to trawl through all of his shows for a 15 min segment. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Ed
  5. Spiders and Inverts
    One of my favourite Radio DJs held a T this morning for the New Blood Donor challenge, which was basically the 3 DJ's had to overcome one of their fears. I advise everyone to go tune into Boogie and Dingos Big Bad Saturday show through the forth one website tomorrow morning (10am-1pm) its...
1-5 of 11 Results