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rainbow boas
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    what happened to my advert?
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    hi, we are selling our rainbow boas. male is around 7, female around 6 year old. both do as they should. we were going to breed but just dont have the time for it all. both come with vivs (seen better days but still ok) and all equipment they need. looking for £200 snakes and vivs. collection...
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    2 x adult female Brazilian Rainbow Boas. Proven female and her 4 year old daughter (hold back) Not handled much so best suited to breeding or display rather than pet homes. Space needed hence price £100 each. Can deliver to Snake day in Houten.
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    Stunning pair of snakes only selling as I'm having to downsize my collection after moving to a smaller property. Healthy feeders, no issues kitten tame I have more pictures available, I can send via whatsapp/facebook/email Collection is from Blackpool FY1 or you can arrange your own...
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    I have an adult pair of BRB that I am looking to sell. I have had them both for over two years now, but with my job I am having less and less time to spend with them. They were originally sold to me as a male and female pair, but I have not had this confirmed and have not seen any mating...
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    Hi all, Im VERY tempted to get a BRB and I have always wanted one, I would just like to know how you feel about keeping yours. Was it hard, easy, fun or not for you. Ive done my looking on care sheets and know I can handle... What did you think tho? Cheers, A
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    i have some cb10 brbs available, these animals are from multiple bloodlines from europe. they have had 1 feed with us already and few have shed and most have deficated. i have no records for them but they are strong animals. these will be ready to breed next year with good feeding this year so...
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    Hey guys. After some hard though and a change in breeding plans Im looking to sell my CB10 male and female Prob het for Hypo (hetro in BRBs) Bought as a pair from Daniel Parker lovely animal stunning white sides. Perfect temprement never struck or even hissed eats perfect even in shed Would make...
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    I particularily want an argentinian rainbow but would rather have a look in the flesh as their colours vary so much. Just wondering if anyone will have any at Kempton? :2thumb: ETA: Dont mind about sex or age really although would prefer a younger snake to see it progress
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    Female Columbian Rainbow Boa for sale. Approx 3 years old, eats, sheds & poo's with no problems. :) Can be a little jumpy when getting her out of the RUB but once out she is fine. :) £80 ONO Thanks :)
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    Hi is anyone selling any young (hatchling or juvenile) Brazilian Rainbows or Colombian Rainbows in West Midlands, preferably near Worcester.
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    baby columbain rainboa boas have sold 7 so far got two left going fast inbox me if interested
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    Well thought id get some upto date pictures of our pair inspired by the other brb thread : victory: sorry about quality taken on my phone We're hoping to breed these pair this year, no interest as yet but still early days Male, shed a few days ago so looking nice and shiny size picture...
  15. Snake Pictures are the pics as promised! mum is doing great, and babies are fighting fit!...5 babies in all, and they are all stunners :no1:
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    Sorted the loft out and found a flexarium this thing is 6ft high and about 2.5ft wide well ventilated and secure I used it when my iggy was young I put up for sale in the equipment section but all day I've been looking and thinking what a waste what could I put into this. I've wanted a carpet...
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    Hey all!!! hows it going :razz: Just want some advice on food size for my two lovely VRB's :) They are currently on pinkies but I would like a second opinion :2thumb: Thats a pencil in the image for size comparison :smile:
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    Hey all, I would like to introduce you to my 2 lovely baby Venezuelan Rainbow Boas 1.1.0 Ruby, Female Saffron, Male
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    Hey all :) I'm new to the forum and just wanted some advice I have two beautiful Venezuelan Rainbow Boas, Ruby and Saffron! 1.1.0 Problem is one of my freinds say you can't keep them together, is this true? They have always been housed together and seem to be ok? Cheers :)
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    very pretty 18 month old rainbow boa, selling due to change in circumstances.
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