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rainwater albino
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    first few hatching from this season looking for homes, parents are male sonic typhoon from cambridge geckos and mum mack typhoon from dolezel reptiles, both het cyclone/MP Collection or courier at buyers cost from HORSHAM RH12. All are housed individually and will only be released at a minimum...
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    Tangerine/rainwater het eclipse female 2yrs old £100 Rainwater het blizzard pos.het eclipse and murphy patternless female 2 yrs old £70 All purchased from phil shrimpton cambridge geckos Blizzard male 2.5 yrs old Purchased from crystal palace reptiles Full walnut viv exotic viv setups...
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    LEOPARD GECKO FOR SALE! PRICE: £60. SEX: Male. MORPH: Tangerine rainwater 66% poss het patternless. MUM: Jungle tangerine rainwater het patternless. DAD: Mack rainwater het patternless. DATE OF BIRTH: 17.7.13 WEIGHT: 16g NOTES: Nice tangerine. Very fast grower. POlICY: Geckos won't be ready...
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    I have two beautiful adult females for sale, First up is my Sunglow Bell albino, She is proven from last season, super healthy and doing everything as she should.... Looking for £70 for her. And next up is the Super hypo Rainwater Albino, she is not proven but laid me some infertiles last...
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    wanted. please get in touch if you know anyone with one available
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    This egg was laid on the 18th Jan and incubated at 90 degrees. Very impressed with the GEO at these temps as ive had a few problems with dry eggs in the past without the GEO. If you are interested in any further hatclings from cambridge gecko then please click the like button at the bottom of...
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    These three females took a few years to put together. Putting the tangerine pattern into rainwater albinos was not easy. These will be the only three i sell this year and possible the only three for sale in the UK. One has been sold allready but the buyer has yet to choose which one. I am...
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    One of my Rainwaters laid her first clutch of the season today. Unfortunately she decided to drop them off a little too close to the entrance of the moss box. It appears as if one of the other females or possibly her even has pushed them out as they have travelled past. For this reason I am...
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    We have available a Male Mack Snow Rainwater Albino leopard gecko, hatched in June 2010 42g £65. PM messages please
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    Hi all. Leopard Gecko hatchlings for sale, all between 3.5 months and 2 weeks old. Father tangerine, mother either rainwater albino or high yellow (mothers in first pic and father in second). Hatchlings all shedding and eating well, have all been incubated to be female, are all really...
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    Hiya I am looking for either a male or female Patternless Rainwater Albino, or breeding pair :mf_dribble::flrt: Anyone help? I can arrange a courier via the forum :D Thanks Vicky x x x
1-11 of 11 Results