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  1. Lizards
    Hey guys, Been a long time since I posted as I fell out of the herp hobby for a while. Last year I got my daughter a Rankin Dragon as a pet. It is lazy. It wont come out of it's hide at all. Sleeps a lot of the time. I have to remove all hides from its tank and physically move it to its...
  2. Lizards
    Hi there lovely people. We are preparing for the arrival of our rankin. Have been doing a lot of research on diet and one of the things that I am worried about is that the pet shop reckons he is about 3 months old. When I spoke to the live pet shop that I intend to order crickets from they said...
  3. Lizards
    Hi! I have recently decided that i would like to purchase two baby female rankin's dragons, but i will not purchase them until i am 100% positive that this is a good idea. I have done a fair bit of research and i have also visited a specialist reptile store.I have read on multiple rankins dragon...
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    Due to work commitments I am selling my reptile collection. These have been advertised separately but I realized I am asking too much. I cannot see how to edit my previous posts so I am re-advertising everything here. One male and two female jeweled curly tailed lizards £50 for the three. Six...
  5. Lizards
    Hi there, I have had 2 female Rankins for almost 4 years. Sadly I had to put Norma down recently. Since then Nessie has gone into hiding. I am unsure if this is coincidence or if she is pining. Could anyone offer advice on best way to help. Would getting another dragon help? Thank you fizzylizzy
  6. Lizards
    I think my female rankin might be pregnant. I'm normally quite good at keeping her separated from the male when he's tryi ng to mate with her but they mated about 2-3 weeks ago when I didn't separate them in time. She had already been putting on a lot of weight so possible she was already...
  7. Lizards
    I fed meal worms to my rankin dragons as treats and now they won't eat anything else. Even the one that would eat non stop just completely ignores them. What should I do, should I let them starve until they start eating crickets or keep feeding them meal worms? I've tried them on locust but get...
  8. Lizards
    I bought 2 rankin dragons about 3-4 weeks ago. They are about 5 months old and from the same clutch. They seem to be male and female. They seem to get on great. No signs of aggression such as tail curving upwards, head bobbing or anything like that. If anything, the smaller female seems to be...
  9. Lizards
    These are my two dragons I got them same time but one is growing alot more then the other one.
  10. Lizard Classifieds
    Anyone selling any baby Rankin Dragons around the Liverpool Area? Willing to wait a few weeks?Would like to see parents but not essential.
  11. Lizard Classifieds
    I have 12 baby Rankins Dragons for sale the first of which will be ready to leave from 18.8.15. These are 100% Rankins. Males £35 Females £45 Collection from Sittingbourne Kent or courier to be sorted by purchaser.
  12. Lizards
    Sorry this is my first post, but am really worried about my rankins. They about 14 months old and have had a few spells of hiding away and not eating much. All of these times they have eaten something, remained same weight and have poor and peed. This time the biggest one has lost weight and...
  13. Lizards
    Hi there, I have two Rankins dragons; a male and a female. Both are currently shedding and the female is almost done. However I think the male pushed her into something and now she's got a little blood coming from her head. It doesn't look too bad but I worry it's because her new skin wasn't...
  14. Lizard Classifieds
    Hello, Due to changing interests my son has decided to sell his Rankin's Dragons. We have had them from babies for just over 41/2 years. They are healthy and greedy. The Viv is an unusual one with an angled viewing window, some wood, bowls, heat lamp and arcadia tube and ballast. All...
  15. Lizard Classifieds
    We have a male and female Rankins Dragons adults at 7 years old. Female layed 2 clutches of eggs this year and now free to a good home with vivarium included. Reason for re-homing is that the room space is required.
  16. Lizards
    So I've almost completed my viv and am now looking to rankins dragons to keep in it. My vivarium is 100 x 80 x 35 (thin, I know, it was made to fit on a shelf). I've got a uvb spotlight and even fluorescent strip lights on a cycle. I was asking in the shops around where I live and someone will...
  17. Lizard Classifieds
    As above I have 4 Pure Rankins Dragons available for sale that are 6 weeks old and ready to go as they eat drink shed and pooh great. They are all very active and are already great for being handled! For any more info please contact me. It won't let me upload the pictures so if anyone sends me...
  18. Lizard Pictures
    And also a cricket :lol2: One of my rankins, Stumpy One of my rankins, Pebbles One of my beardies, Skye Not lizards, but a freshly moulted female dubia, and male cricket. and male cricket.
  19. Lizard Classifieds
    I have a 6x rankin dragons for sale ready end of the week Pooping and shedding well Asking for £50 each
  20. Lizard Classifieds
    I have available an adult (2 years old) Rankins dragon male who was bred by Speckled Gecko (Bristol). Jazz is a fantastic breeder and a great example of a pure Rankins dragon. Jazz is NOT a cuddly dragon who enjoys a lot of handling and prefers to be left to get in with his day to day life...
1-20 of 107 Results