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rat breeding
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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi as title says I have 10 large rat breeding cages for sale Not the prettiest but plenty of life left in them they come with 10 water bottles Make me an offer Thanks
  2. Feeder
    Hey, one of my female rats had 19 babies last Saturday, only 16 have survived, and I'm wondering why these two babies, who are both hers, are so different in size and if the small one will survive or not? Thanks
  3. Feeder
    We are looking to source 150 live female rats for a private breeding faculty around the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire areas. We'd also consider taking smaller numbers (50 or 100) if someone is only breeding a limited amount. PM me asap.
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    I have some used rodent breeding cages for sale, in 3 different sizes..... The smallest are approx 45cm long x 28cm wide x 13cm tall, I have 4 of these available at £10 each. The medium sized cages are approx 45cm long x 28cm wide x 20cm tall, I have 3 of these available at £10 each. The...
  5. Equipment Classifieds
    Rodent Breeding Rack for sale This Rodent rack can be used to breed all types of rodents (Rats, Mice etc.) Sizes Rack Rack height > 120cm (Without top 2 levels) Rack width > 103cm Rack length > 203cm Containers Container Height > 20cm Container width > 60cm Container length > 80cm...
  6. Food Classifieds
    I have a well made rat breeding rack for sale,used but clean I have stopped breeding my own rats due to time. Holds 20 tubs Pick up only, will need a van as can not be taken apart. Pic to follow
  7. Food Classifieds
    1x rat rack 1x mice rack 1x freezer both selfwatering both will come with rats/mice and any other spare bits £200 the lot or will swap w.h.y thanks
  8. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    we have alot of rats for sale at the minute both males and females available of various coat types and colours aswell as dumbos and blues e.t.c all from 8 weeks old, can do unrelated pairs/groups. naked rats ready in a couple of weeks also £4 each or £7.50 a pair collection from birmingham pm...
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    Ive now moved to racking with my rodents so these are no longer needed first 29 small cages 2.1 with bottles £5 each second 3 medium size with bottles £10 each third large cages i think these are for rats but i used them with mice with water bottles £15 each or £200 pound for the...
  10. Feeder
    Hi Guys, I do breed rats at the moment but on a very small scale (1 Male and 3 females) This keeps my 5 snakes in food for most of the time, with the occasional trip to the pet shop if i get low. I know it may sound weird but i actually enjoy breeding my rats and cleaning them out today got...
  11. Feeder
    Hi, I want to start breeding my own snake food. I currently have 10 royals on mice who eat a range of small to jumbo mice so will need to move over to rats soon. I have a few questions if anyone doesn't mind answering them as best they can based on their experience. 1) the rumour is rats...
  12. Feeder
    Sorry if you have seen this but just thought it was very good and might help some people. Cheers. Quality Bred Boas
  13. Feeder
    iv read the other threads about breeding rats and setting them up but havnt seen much about male/femal ratios and how long to put them together for. what i wanted to know; how often/long should the male be in with the female (is it a day, a few days or maybe until they seem gravid then...
1-13 of 13 Results