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rats breeding snake feed
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    looking to start breeding my own rats for my snakes let me know if you can help need to be young or very tame
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    Proven Rat Colony 2 Adult Female Rats #1 #2 1 Adult Male Rat with Mum #2 1 Large Male Weaner Rat 3 Large Female Weaner Rats (mum also in this picture) 3 Small Male Weaner Rats 6 Small Female Weaner Rats 3 x Lab Rat Cages (currently holding Dad separately, 1 Large Male...
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    i have got 2 adult males and 4 12 week old females £25 for all 6 rats breed every 3 weeks with on avarage of 12 young so this can give you 48 young every 3 weeks FIFE SCOTLAND
1-3 of 3 Results