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    I have a 2019 female Mandarin rat snake (Szechuan locality) available, great feeder and ready to breed next year. I am based near Bristol, collection or courier, I can send pics to genuine experienced buyers (no time wasters please). £200, Thanks, Rob
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    As per title, I'm looking for a male persian ratsnake, Zamensis persicus.
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    As title says I'm looking for a female king ratsnake/stinking goddess, which common name you prefer.
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    Hi all, 5 years since I last logged in :/ So for several years, I've kept all my snakes, one boa and 4 rat snakes on newspaper, originally changed them all from aspen as it was too messy and kept getting caught in the runners for the glass on my tanks. I recently swapped my boa on to...
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    Bred from my pair, 18 months old. male, about 2ft long but growing fast. He is smashing small mice currently. lovely animal who has coloured brilliantly. healthy and doing all he should with no issues. £45 or I am open to swaps, not interested in corns (unless you have a genuine miami male)...
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    Hi everyone, looking for UK homes for 2 x CB19 male Leopard Ratsnakes (Zamenis Situla). £30 each or £50 for the pair. Both feeding well. Available for collection or courier pick-up at buyer's risk, or I am happy to deliver to London and home counties. PM me to arrange. Tim.
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    Relisted due to a timewaster. I have a lovely little everglades ratsnake and a young ladder ratsnake available. Male everglades £40 Male ladder ratsnake £50 I might consider swaps for other snakes, not corns or royals. I will be at doncaster on sunday, or can deliver local to me.
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    This animal was a holdback from a late 2018 clutch because of how quickly and nicely he started colouring up (months before his siblings). Healthy and happy little snake, he's feeding well. Only reason he is for sale is to make some space. Male £40
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    Hi everyone, I have recently hatched two Leopard Rat Snakes, and will be getting them sexed at the weekend. I understand that males in particular can be difficult to get feeding. Certainly, I have to cool my adult male down during the winter (regardless of whether I'm breeding him) as he...
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    Hi everyone, Time for my annual appeal to anyone that might be breeding Everglades or Yellow Rat Snakes. I'm prepared to travel all over England and Wales for a pair of hatchlings of either. Would also consider a pair of Black Rat Snakes, but I already have one of those, so would be...
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    CB 2017 Japanese ratsnakes feeding on defrost pinkies.
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    CB 2017 Aesculapian snakes feeding on defrost pinkies. Both sexes available.
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    With some reluctance, I am selling my Japanese ratsnakes. They are around 7 years old and fully grown. The female is very very calm and handleable, she will leave the viv to climb on you voluntarily. The male, not so much. It might be worth considering separating them, or the male just mates...
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    So after four years I've decide to get back into snakes. I've spend the last year looking around, researching and convincing the misses that snakes are not wicked murder machines plotting her death. I was looking for a snake that was calm, curious and I'm able to keep outside. I was hesitating...
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    I know the taxonomy and identification of members of the Pantherophis obsoletus complex is a disputed and complex issue, but I was wondering if anybody could help me answer a question about one of my snakes. About 2 years ago, I bought a young pair of everglades ratsnakes. While the female is...
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    Hi there, Been in contact with one or two breeders of "normal" Rossallenis, but has anybody got hypo eggs? I'm looking to get hold of a pair of hatchlings, primarily as pets, but potentially for breeding. Prepared to collect from anywhere in England. Thank you. Tim.
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    9 beauty snakes for sale -all feeding well on pinkies! -unsexed atm but will be sexed soon and can sex on request. parents can be seen, and care advice given! not often you find hatchlings for sale - Priced at £60 but more than happy to take offers based in Leicester, collection only or...
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    Photos of the nine Taiwanese beauty snakes I hatched this year!! :flrt: it's interesting to see the natural colour variations -some are very dark and others very bright! (they are for sale Pm if interested) (ignore the poop in some of the photos it was clean out day) they are all hungry...
1-19 of 244 Results