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    I'm looking for singles or pairs of both the above species. As far as the everglades go I'm not interested in intergrades with yellows. Thanks
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    2016 CB Japanese ratsnakes (E. climacophora) available. Eceeded my quota for attachments so please email me for photos. Thanks, Chris
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    2016 CB Aesculapian snakes. Normal brown and also a few grey coloured individuals available. Feeding on defrost pinkies. Email me for any further information. Thanks, Chris
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    Due to lack of time I have the following available. Collection from Yeovil, or buyers can arrange a courier at their risk, preferably Zooline. Boas: 1.0 2012 Hypo jungle double het Kahl snow £250 0.1 2012 Hypo jungle pastel £60 0.1 2013 Pure Nicaraguan het snow (het T+/ T2 Anery) £350 0.1 2013...
  5. Snakes
    My boyfriend recently found an baby rat snake that had fallen from the tree above my car, onto my car. He's very feisty and was extremely hungry. I have fed him/her and made him a new home. I just want to know if there are ANY suggestions on names, or suggestions on how I should 'bond' or 'tame'...
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    Captive bred 2014 european ratsnakes for sale: Leopard snakes - £90 Aesculapian snakes - £65 Captive bred statement available. Email me for pics.
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    Need to free up some time so have reduced prices on some of my available ratsnakes until Doncaster. CB13 Female Japanese Ratsnakes £20 each CB13 Anery Slowinski (Kisatchie Corns), Pantherophis slowinski £30 trio CB12 Female Great Plains, Pantherophis emoryi £15 CB13 Female Albino Great Plains...
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    Hi all, I have a trio of Ridleys Cave Racers available for sale - one male and two females. They are all very healthy and feeding like mad on rats, mice and the occasional chick. Poop and shed normally. There is one adult female 2010 that bred this year with a 2012 male with 12 fertile eggs...
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    I am looking for asin ratsnakes of any type sexed pairs or individuals. Pm me if you have any you would like to move on.
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    Hatchlings Korean Ratsnake Albino, Elaphe Anomala – Male Ref: 13-13-36 - £75 Japanese Ratsnake Blotch, Elaphe Climacophora – Female 13-42-260 - £60 Japanese Ratsnake Striped, Elaphe Climacophora – Female 13-14-91 - £60 Japanese Ratsnake Striped, Elaphe Climacophora – Female 13-16-58 - £60...
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    Hi all, I have a trio of Ridley's Cave Racers for sale. They are all healthy, feeding like pigs on mice, weaners and the occasional chick, shed fine and poop like they should. All have the typical Ridley's temperament and are quite highly strung and do bite if you startle them. However once you...
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    CB13 Rhino Ratsnakes (Rhynchophis boulengeri). Strike feeding on two defrost pinkies per feed. A couple ready now, and a couple more when feeding consistently. Collection from Selby, N.Yorks Thanks for looking!
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    For sale, All adults proven breeders 1.1 CB 08 Russian Rats £160/pr 1.1 CB 09 Korean rats (het albino) £140/pr 1.1 CB 09 Albino Radiated rats £130/pr 1.1 CB 09 Japanese rats £140/pr 1.0 CB 09 Ultramel corn £30 ea Hatchlings All 2013 2.1 Korean rats £20 2.3 Russian rats £30 1.1 Axanthic...
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    hi guys currently after a ratsnake would have to be one of the smaller species as i currently have a 3x18x18 viv could anybody help?
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    I will be taking what transpecos ratsnake yearlings I have left to Doncaster show next Sunday. These are all from late clutches at the end of last year. (they always breed really late in the year) Price is low £60 each for these hard to find snakes as I need to make room for this years young...
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    Hi All Just to let people know, who are interested in ratsnakes, that a new book has just been published. This book has been produced by the world renowned expert Klaus Dieter Schulz. The book, Old World Ratsnakes. A collection of papers, contains over 900 colour photographs and is an epic 432...
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    Ratsnakes and Kingsnakes for sale, many prices reduced, I’m in south Wales but can meet/deliver for the cost of fuel or will courier if buyer arranges. Classic Corn Female 1998 reduced to £10 (for sale as pet only)...
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    Another pre-order list for you to read, and hopefully order from. Cornsnakes 2012 that are available on our shipment from BHB Reptiles in February. Enjoy. 1.0 Albino Aztec £28 0.1 Albino Aztec £28 1.0 Albino £25 0.1 Albino £25 1.0 Albino Motley £32 0.1 Albino Motley £32 1.0 Albino...
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    due to personal reasons I won`t go into in detail I am going to sell up a chunk of the collection I think...just going to keep my burms, bloods, my carpets and a couple of ratsnakes and this is what will be for sale. boas. female 2010 hypo motley probable jungle has CA influence (TSK...
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    Are they easy to get hold of? Can anyone recommend anywhere/anyone? Just fell in love with them. Off that unsual snake thread. Any info would be nice.. My fiancée has had a royal for Xmas.. I love her.. But I don't think she likes me.. I'd like my own snake now, they are addictive (like most...
1-20 of 41 Results