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    [/URL] Baby mojave rattlesnake aint she a beauty? ( ps not mine. Friend's snake. Just shared the pic for fun.)
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    This question is aimed at everyone,and, I'm asking it as I can't find the answer on the net......or, in any of my snake/reptile books. King snakes, in the wild are reported to be immune to Rattlesnake venom, and eat Rattlesnakes, as well as other snake species. I've seen photographs posted on...
  3. Snakes
    i havent picked up my corn snake for about 4 weeks, he or she is 15 months old. i opened the viv today and went to pick up the snake, but he or she took one look at me and rattled his tail at me, i take it as a warning that if i try to pick him/her up its going to bite. what can i do to make...
  4. Snakes
    the other day i was feeding my corn and i put my hand close to him when he was feeding and he rattled his tail like a rattlesnake, the sound was really loud! has anyone elses corns or other snakes ever done this?
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    I have quite a few reptiles, mainly lizards but i have just bought my first snake. she is an amul corn snake, about 18 months old, she was fine when i bought her, she fed fine, and now 3 days after the feed i went to pick her up and she started rattling her tail at me. i wanted to pick her up...
1-5 of 5 Results