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  1. Avian
    So I've been looking for a raven for a while now ( around 2-3 years ), and I'm still unsure as to where I can get one, at what age the bird would be to get one and get it to imprint on me, a license ( if I need one ), and the minimum size of the aviary. I have had experience with handling and...
  2. Avian
    Hi all, im looking to get in contact with someone that has the ability, and know how to aquire CB Corvus corax. Any info would be hugely appreciated:)
  3. Avian Classifieds
    Price no issue, ideally within merseyside/lancs. Tame birds only please!
  4. Snake Pictures
    Hi guys! Got my very first snake on Saturday :) not sure what it's sex is as it's only 2 months old, but I know someone who can probe him/her when old enough! I came up with the name Raven as I thought it would suit it whether it turns out to be either a boy or a girl (and it's a part of my...
  5. Other Pets and Exotics
    does anyone have one? does anyone know where to get one? are they covered by some kinda law? do they make good pets? i hear they are the smartest of birds and i love the black plumage, so im just putting the feelers out.
  6. Off Topic Classifieds
    Black and white belt £1.50 Hell bunny corset £5 fits me and im a 12-14 Dorothy perkins small leather jacket - £8 Top shop size 10 - £5 - small tear next to button Gorgeous Raven jacket cloak thing, Size xl didn't realise this when i bought it. I wore it and i was a 12 and it looked...
1-6 of 9 Results