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    As many readers of this forum are aware there was an issue several years ago where a company run by Chris Eagleton failed to supply goods that were paid for. The previous thread about this was locked by admin after he started to pay back some of the money owed, in that thread I informed the...
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    I have contacted Chris Eagleton aka RECS/iSTAT via this email address [email protected] We have come up with a repayment agreement which, if he sticks too, I am very happy with. From what he is saying he intends on refunding all his previous customers. Can everyone email him with a contact...
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    Digital Thermostat, State Of The Art. For Sale Northumberland on Reptile Classifieds ?? it sounds familiar..... ed
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    Could anyone else who has recently been fraudulently decepted of money from the above 'company', please contact me.
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    for anyone who knows of the troubles with [actual name removed (same person as herpshack & RECS)], i have some information on him and dell they have a new business called herpshack so avoid it at all costs there web address is REMOVED we lost out £300 when they scammed us!!
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    Anyone else having or had any problems with ordering vivs off of Herpshack.? Or am I the only one?
1-6 of 6 Results