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red ackie
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    Hi I have a nearly three year old male ackie and I’m looking for a lovely lady friend for him if anyone knows of any or has one or possibly two many thanks
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    Young male Red Ackie available. German bred linage. Typical red attitude but very nice looking animal. Does have kink at base of tail but definitely a fit strong animal. Collection from Hertfordshire. £350. Pm me if interested.
  3. Lizards
    Hey guys was chuffed to be bringing my red ackie home today after getting his viv all set up and planted. Brought him home from a very reputable shop in Birmingham whom I have bought lots from so have no qualms with them but I have noticed two of his toes are missing on his front left leg and on...
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    belived to be male has a small part of his tail tip missing other than that perfectly healthy eats a wide range of foods comes with 3x2 viv tube light and balast ceramic heat and refletor and pulse stat plus viv decor pics on request
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    I have 3 Red ackies for sale, i know there is atleast 1 male and 1 female as they are regularly mating but think theyre too young just yet. They come with a 4ft viv and a mercury vapour bulb.
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    I am seeking an adult red male ackie(Varanus acanthuras acanthuras) to keep my existing females company, i would appreciate hearing from anyone that is selling, preferably in the south of england. Many Thanks.
1-6 of 6 Results