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red blood
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    did a trade today and got myself a gorgeous pair of silver head black bloods, (along with an IJ carpet and baby tai beauty) so thought I would show off all four of the bloods in one thread, my original bloods to start with... male 2010 brongersmai het T+ albino and back when the weather...
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    been trying to keep hold of these, but with things growing on...and wanting to concentrate a bit more on the breeding side of things I really have to be realistic and let these three go to free up some room and funds....will courier at buyers cost and arrangement, and not looking for trades...
  3. Snakes
    does anyone keep/breed red blood pythons i am in need of some general advice to do with temps substrate laying box? ect any info would be greatfully taken many thanks jack :2thumb:
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    male red blood python. big for a male. £150 open to sensible offers. will be in reading next saturday if anyone interested i can bring him along!
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    People don't listen, thread over =]
1-5 of 5 Results