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red eyed tree frogs
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    Ideally after a breeding group of Red eyed tree frogs - I have cash waiting, Based near Newcastle upon Tyne, Viv availabe to use with heating ready. I have 19 years experience with amphibians and reptiles. Would consider flying frogs, lemur frogs, possibly other tree frogs.
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    So as a few of you know I have been building a new large vivarium for Red Eyed Tree Frogs measuring 60 x 45 x 60 cm, it's Bio-active, has a water fall and shallow water area and a removable access panel to deal with pump failures replace filter bags etc. This setup has a clean up crew...
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    Hi, Looking ideally for adult red eyes but grow ons could be considered. Thanks :)
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    Hi, selling my Adult male and female red eyed tree frogs, they are healthy eating well,they come with full exo Tera viv set up,LED thermometer,including heat mat and exo thermostate, exo tera heat light with new ceramic bulb, live plants ,good substrate with moss,log vine and water bowls, ready...
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    I have two adult RETF for sale, a male and female, looking for around £60 or close. I've had them for a little over a year and they are both healthy. Only selling them to make room for other animals.
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    adult red eyed tree frog group, ready for breeding, 2.3, price is per frog, message for more details
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    Here are my 3 red eyed tree frogs plus the setup. All very healthy and eating and pooing as they should. Only reason for sale is I'm looking to downsize my reptile collection. Any more questions then please inbox me. Many thanks. Dan.
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    I have 0.3 x captive bred red eyed tree frogs, nice big females ready to breed. Purchased in 2013, from Hamm. The viv is a live-planted exoterra 45x45x60, with hood and bulbs. Price is for all 3 frogs plus viv. Buyer to arrange collection. If interested, PM me with any questions and for...
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    Hi guys, I've got 2 baby RETFs and they seem to be doing fine but I have noticed that the one frog looks slightly bloated or fat when he is asleep, but when he wakes up he looks fine. It's probably nothing but I want to be careful because one died because of poor humidity. Can someone tell me...
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    Red eyed tree frogs, stunning adults, sexed pairs - £100 Collection only, anyone asking for photos will be shot, they are the most marketed animals in the world!!!!
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    I am looking for an adult male red eyed tree frog or frogs. Please get in touch!
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    I have decided to sell my two adult female red eyed tree frogs as I'm unable to locate any males for them so . . . . . Both are healthy and coming up for 2 years old , I'm selling with a 45 x 45 x 60 Exo terra tank with the cabinet stand , the set up inside has all been taken care of with a...
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    Hi there, I am looking for male red eyed tree frogs. If you have any for sale or know anyone who has could you please let me know
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    Hi all, I am looking for male red eyed tree frogs. PM me if you have any or know where there are some. Cheers
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    Hi, I'm after some red eyed tree frogs, please PM if you have any. Thanks
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    Captive bred Red Eyed Tree Frogs for Sale £40 Each These Beutiful frogs are just over a month old they are all eating and growing really well. They arefeeding on micro or 2nd crickets. Although i cant sex them they live fine in mixed or same sexed groups. If you need a courier i can arrange...
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    just got some red eyed tree frogs the guy in the shop just said a heat mat will be ok and the temp right now is 21 degrees is this ok or does this need to be higher thanks.
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    looking for some red eyed tree frogs if anyone in essex is selling some let me know and il buy them not really bothered on what size they are. thanks
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    Hey everyone do any of you know where i can buy Red Eyed Tree Frogs in West Midlands Thanks, Coogan :)
1-19 of 56 Results